Beauty empties #10 feat. Odacite, Smashbox, and Sulwhasoo

Time to judge this quarter’s empties for what they are: amazing, a-ok, or just plain awful.

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Chanel says:

    Definitely interested in the SB eyeliner. I love MJ Highliner but its a bit over priced in my opinion and has dried out on me before?!? With the cap on! I need to smell that Soap & Glory cream, I love the smell of their body lotions! I’ve also tried that Origins mask and it does a fine job, but I do like their Clear Improvements mask!

    S | Je M’appelle Chanel

    • Jenny says:

      Oh no, sorry that happened to your MJ highliner! I guess I haven’t had mine for long enough yet, but now I’m definitely a little worried! The Soap & Glory foot cream doesn’t smell like their body lotions, and while I know a lot of people like its unique scent, I’m not a fan ^^;;

  2. Cat L. says:

    Well done, Jenny! It’s always so satisfying to finish products! I haven’t tried too much from your list except for the La Roche Posay sunscreen which is Holy Grail for me and the Soap&Glory foot cream which was okay but the scent was indeed a bit much. I really want to try the Odacite mist and the Klairs drops.

    ~ Cat L.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Cat! LRP really is incredible when it comes to sunscreen, it’s a must have product in my summer skincare stash! Odacite also has a rose mist that I’m really curious about, but it’s sold out right now :(

  3. Lorna says:

    I’ve literally never tried any of these! Thanks for the recommendations!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  4. Naya says:

    I really love how you split these into categories; kind of felt sorry for the fellas in that basket (last category) :-D Anyhow, I am so ready to explore some Naruko and I actually used to enjoy that Origins Pink Clay mask, but if the other one is better – I will have to give it a whirl! Thanks for sharing xx

    Naya //

    • Jenny says:

      Haha, yeah, the last category is definitely the sad category, and I’m honestly surprised that I even managed to finish some of them (as they’re really quite awful)! The Naruko La Creme line is divine and definitely my favorite out of all their ranges!

  5. I’ve been using Marc Jacobs eyeliner. I definitely want to try the Smashbox one after your review.

  6. Giulia says:

    I loooove these type of posts, as I really love to finish make-up and skincare products, they give me a certain level of satisfaction because it means I did not waste my money:)

  7. Kay says:

    Your blog is so beautiful! Also, loving all the recommendations, I’ve been on a lookout for a new eyeliner and that Smashbox one sounds so amazing! :) <3 Really like how many products you've included, and your photos are gorgeous! I actually quite liked that foot cream, the scent is definitely interesting but it kinda grew on me after a while. :) Thanks for sharing, lovely. xoxo


    • Jenny says:

      Aww thank you so much for the kind comment Kay! Scent is such a subjective thing, so I can definitely see people liking the foot cream! I just gravitate towards dessert-like scents more, though I know some people find that off-putting, so there you go :P

  8. The Klairs serum sounds really good! I’ve been needing to step up my skincare game. Gotta try and stop those fine lines, wrinkles and aging spots before they start. Definitely going to be heading over to read your reviews!

    • Jenny says:

      I feel the same way, it’s definitely easier to prevent signs of aging rather than to treat them afterwards! So even though I’m not seeing super obvious results now, I know it’ll pay off in the long run :)

  9. beautiliciousd says:

    Your reviews are just so detailed and amazing ^^

  10. Lauren says:

    Heel Genius is fab, I use it quite often. Other than that I haven’t tried any of these products!

    Lauren x Huggled

  11. Nailderella says:

    Naruko is a brand that I haven’t tried yet but that I want to discover. It seems like they have so many awesome products! I also like how you divided this post into awesome, meh etc! and the kitty pic!!

    • Jenny says:

      Naruko really does have an impressive range of products, though sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones to get. I’m a big fan of their Rose HA line and their La Creme line :) Glad you like the kitty pic, hehe <3

  12. Hannnah says:

    the Odacite Mist sounds amazing and refreshing for the skin. That Smashbox liner sounds pretty neat too, and how cool is it that it comes with an automatic sharpening feature! I have a hard time emptying my beauty products but I am making an effort to force myself not to buy as much :)


    • Jenny says:

      I get so lazy when it comes to sharpening my liners so the feature in the Smashbox is a total time saver for me! I feel the same way about emptying products as well, especially makeup, which is why I’ve pretty much stopped buying them, haha

  13. Billie says:

    I love empties posts! That Smashbox eyeliner sounds great x

    Billie |

    • Jenny says:

      It’s definitely one of the all-around best eyeliner in terms of ease-of-use, lasting power, and color payoff. I don’t think I can ever be without it!

  14. Sofia says:

    That Origins clay mask sounds lovely!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  15. I love that La Roche Posay sunscreen too! I’m on my third bottle of it already!


  16. Amanda says:

    Wow you have really clear and beautiful pictures! Also great descriptions of the products! I love anything from Soap and Glory.

  17. Alyssa says:

    Sooo many products! How long you’ve used these products? :D I do love Klairs Midnight Blue and That La Roche-Posay :)

    xx Alyssa // STYLE VANITY

    • Jenny says:

      Haha, it depends. For the products I really enjoyed using, they probably last a few months. But for the products I really didn’t like, those could take up to half a year or maybe even a year (like the Paula’s Choice BHA and Missha masks)! The LRP sunscreen actually lasted me close to a year since I only wear it on days when I’ll be outside a lot.

  18. Whoaa so many empties! I don’t have the patience to collect them all for reviewing them like this. Maybe I should do it because this is really interesting to see if there is something you really dislike after using the whole product. I was shocked to hear you didn’t like the Paula’s Choice because a lot of people hyped about this product. Currently I’m trying the Pore Refening 2% BHA of PC and so far it works .. but not better than my Holy Grail Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Thanks for this detailed and big empty post my dear.

    Loves, An |

    • Jenny says:

      Since I don’t do favorites posts on the blog, I figured empties would be a good way to share the products I’ve enjoyed and disliked, especially since my opinion does change sometimes about a product once I’ve been using it for a long time :) I know a lot of people like the PC BHA, but for me it was just a dud :( I do want to try some of her other products though, especially her boosters! The Alpha-H Liquid Gold is also on my wishlist!

  19. Camilla says:

    I love these posts because you really see what stood out to you in the last few months. We seem to have similar taste in products, so I guess I need to purchase that Klairs serum!

    Camilla ||

  20. This is awesome Jenny! I love that Naruko Miracle Renewal Essence too and love how gentle it is on my skin. I have the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence on my wishlist though. I love these types of post and seeing what other bloggers love or dislikes. xx

    Ann-Marie |

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Ann-Marie! As amazing as the SK-II essence is it can sting sometimes when my skin is sensitive. I’ve heard people compare it to a very gentle exfoliant and it certainly does feel that way on the skin!

  21. Sabiha says:

    It takes me ages to do an empties post but I have one to do soon! Great post and insight into what you love x

  22. Samantha says:

    wow, it’s so hard for me to put up empties because I get such satisfaction from throwing things away! I love reading other people’s though, especially when it’s done like this, in the categories – so helpful! I was actually debating about the Origins retexturizing rose clay mask, but now I’m not so sure. I wish the small sample Sephora had was bigger, like the one they offer for the charcoal mask!

    • Jenny says:

      Haha, I feel the same way when I toss out all my empties at the end of the review! You can try asking the store associates for samples and they might give you a bigger amount, but if you like the charcoal mask my opinion would be to stick with that one!

  23. You just reminded me that I need to do a new empties post. I’ve been trying to make it a quarterly thing as well and I have a bin of used up products that I need to photograph and toss. I’m with you on the Sensibio being the best out of the Bioderma H2O products but I’m actually looking forward to using my Hydrabio when the weather cools down and my skin will be craving moisture. The Missha Super Aqua Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask was such a dud for me as well. I almost didn’t even finish it.

    • Jenny says:

      I ended up using the oxygen mask on my knees and elbows while in the shower as a way to quickly empty the bottle, haha. It was the first “bubbling” mask I tried and I think the experience ruined all bubbling masks for me. Looking forward to reading your empties post!

  24. Oh I love that Antihelios! My fave sunscreen too <3 The Naruko Essence sounds nice as well, I've to try it out x

  25. Hannah says:

    You have used up so many great looking products! I haven’t tried Smashbox before, but that liner sounds so good!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  26. Lavanya says:

    I go through the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL almost every two months. I grew up in a Tropical country and didn’t wear sunscreen at all. And I’m slowly starting to see its effects now, so I apply sunscreen quite religiously. Also, Bioderma Hydrabio H2O is such a classic. Every time I run out of, I think of replacing it with a drugstore one but they don’t remove the makeup as well as Bioderma does.

    • Jenny says:

      I was the same way with sunscreen in the past, so now I apply it religiously even when I’m indoors! I do wish the Anthelios XL was available in the US as the formula is just fantastic. Some people say the Garnier micellar water is comparable to Bioderma, have you tried it before?

  27. Sam says:

    What a great and diverse list of products! I’ve tried the Bioderma Hydrobio cleanser, but still preferred the sensibio even as someone with very dry skin, I guess because it’s a lot more gentle. I do want to try the Smashbox Kohl liner, since i’m on the hunt for a great smudgeproof liner x

    Sam Hodgett || Beauty, Food & Lifestyle

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Sam! I do appreciate how simple the Sensibio ingredient list is and it leaves my skin fresh and balanced. For a really smudgeproof liner, I think the Marc Jacobs Highliner is fantastic, it’s just tough to draw precise lines because the tip gets really soft (there’s a sharpener built in the lid though)

  28. Awesome post. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Have a great week.

    Love, Esther

  29. Mili says:

    I bought that papa recipe aha gel for like $5 from memebox and I’ve put off trying it. Now I don’t even know if I want to try it now lol. I really don’t need anymore mists buuuuut I think I need the odacite one lol

    Mili | sharmtoaster

    • Jenny says:

      You can use it for your feet? Or your elbows/knees? Some people seem to like it so you might have better luck with it than me though! If you’re always misting your face adding another one to the collection never hurts :P

  30. My empties posts have become a quarterly feature as well, which seems to be the right amount of time to actually finish some stuff.
    I have not tried anything from your list, but the Klairs Youth Activating Drops are on my list, as are a few other bits and bobs that peaked my interest.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Jenny says:

      That’s a good point, though I definitely have some products in here that I’ve struggled to finish for almost a year (ie. my awful products). Would love to hear your thoughts if you ever try the Klairs Youth Activating Drops!

  31. becky says:

    I’m trying to collect my empties for a video or post, but man I just want to throw them away haha! It’s so strange to be collecting my trash, lol. I don’t struggle with my skin, but I’ve always wondered how well curology works since I always see those ads on instagram for them, I’m glad it works for you!

    Have you tried the garnier micellar water? I found that it works very similarly to bioderma except less expensive + the regular one doesn’t dry out my face as much as I found bioderma to.

    I have the same feeling for heel genius! It works wonder on my gross and dry feet, but it doesn’t smell like soap & glory. To me it smells exactly like how I’d imagine a foot cream to smell, though the scent doesn’t bother me to the point where I won’t repurchase it.

    I like the paulas choice bha – so weird! I actually really loved the weird film it had on, maybe that’s because i have dry skin and enjoy the feeling of something thick on top of my skin? I didn’t notice a life changing difference using it either, but i did notice my skin feeling a little smoother.

    becky @ star violet

    • Jenny says:

      Haha, I know how you feel. It is satisfying seeing how much products you do use up and it makes me feel a little less guilty when I purchase new products :P I actually signed up for Curology to add prescription retinol to my routine, so not for breakouts but more for anti-aging. It has helped keep my skin clear though!

      I haven’t tried Garnier’s Micellar Water but I have heard a lot of people compare it to the Bioderma and found it similar or even better. I might give micellar waters a break after finishing my Sensibio, as I do love the luxurious texture of a cleansing oil/balm, but I’ll check out the Garnier one the next time around :D

      Glad that you’ve had good results with the Paula’s Choice BHA! I can definitely see those with dry skin actually appreciating the film, something that most BHAs don’t really cater to so that’s nice. To be honest I don’t notice a life-changing difference with my BHA (the CosRX one), but smoother skin and less noticeable pores – definitely!

  32. Shivangi says:

    You always click such beautiful pictures, Jenny! Loved reading this post about all the products!! Thanks for sharing! <3 Would love to try the Cranberry Serum!

  33. Damn Jenny! That is a great list of empties! Like you I will be repurchasing the Naruko Essence even though it’s pricey AF here in Canada and it almost never go on sale. And thank you for reminding me about the Klairs Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drops! That’s the other Klairs product that I want to try!

    • Jenny says:

      Haha, thanks Shireen! Have you thought about placing a large haul from the Naruko US store? I think they do free shipping to Canada for orders $150+ though I’m not sure if you’ll get hit with a customs fee. Would love to hear your thoughts on the Klairs drops if you do try it!

  34. Violette says:

    I love discovering favorite beauty products from other bloggers, even if I knew some of them, and that’s good to know the ones we should avoid! Thank you for sharing!

  35. Pia says:

    I’ve never used Smashbox eyeliner but it sounds like I’ll definitely need to give it a try! I swear by any La Roche product too <3

    ???? Pia