2017 in review: a year of gratitude, beauty discoveries, and more

Usually time flies because there's a lot going on, and that could definitely be said about 2017, in both good and bad ways. Today's post is a reflection of these events, an overview of some of my favorite beauty discoveries, and really just a giant post of appreciation with a surprise at the end ;) CONTINUE READING →

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Second time’s a charm: the Activist Skincare Custom Hyaluronic Acid Serum review

A while back I reviewed my experience of creating bespoke serums with Activist Skincare and I mentioned that the Hyaluronic Acid Serum didn’t quite meet my needs. They offered to reformulate it free, and after using the second version, I’m now ready to give this serum the review it deserves.


Recent sheet mask discoveries : 6 picks for dry winter skin

Sheet masking can be a real struggle in the winter time. On one hand I’m already freezing my ass off yet here I am slapping a soaking cold cloth on my face, because in the end, nothing hydrates my skin better than a good sheet mask. Oh the things we do for better skin.


INSTYTUTUM Eye Cream review – the cream to end all eye creams

Bold claim, I know, but for me, it couldn’t more true. I briefly raved about how much I loved this eye cream in my Instytutum brand review, and now that 2 months has passed, it’s time for the in-depth review


The body care edit – my favorite hands, body, and feet products

Earlier this year I mentioned that one of my goals was to take better care of my body, because how ridiculous would it look if I had bright smooth skin on my face but dull rough skin everywhere else? To prevent remedy (too late for prevention sadly) the situation, I’m sharing some of my current favorite body care products to take care of my skin from the neck down.


7 steps to spend wisely + save money during sales season

With the Sephora VIB sale in full swing + a billion other sales going on, it’s hard to not throw money at these retailers, and you know, buy everything. Trust me, I have the long-ass wishlist to prove it…


My affordable skincare picks – all under $20 !

I know many of my recent product features have been on the pricier end, so today I want to share some of my favorite affordable skincare products, all which are under $20 except for one, but you’ll see why soon…


Toner for your scalp? The Younghee Essential Rinse review

I strongly believe that the key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp, and the key to a healthy scalp is to treat it as an extension of our face. I already use a scalp exfoliant weekly and love scalp oils as a pre-shampoo treatment, so scalp toners? Why not!


My skin brightening routine: 4 products + 3 tips to get your skin glowing

Once upon a time, I loved being in sun and hated wearing sunscreen. I know, the horrors. By the time I realized my mistake, my skin had lost its glow and looked dull + uneven. After countless products and trials + errors, I’ve finally found a brightening routine that works.


A $4 Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder dupe? A closer look at the Althea Petal Velvet Powder

I know I talk a lot about expensive products on here, but when I do find ones that are affordable + effective, believe me I’ll be waving them in your face like a fanatic evangelical with their bibles screaming “YOU NEED JESUS THIS!”


Sustainable luxury fashion with The RealReal (and how you can earn $$$!)

In celebration of National Consignment Day (which is today…I know, everyday is a day for something!), I’d like to share why consignment is the smart, sustainable way to shop for fashion, and why The RealReal is one of my go-to retailer.


Wake up to brighter skin with the Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask

It’s always exciting when a brand you love releases a new product, and even more so when it’s a product you actually enjoy using. In this case, it’s a sleeping mask by Klairs that promises to brighten + hydrate + prevent aging. Plus it’s super fun to use.


Effortlessly flawless skin? A first look at INSTYTUTUM skincare

As much as I love having options, I’m also easily overwhelmed. So it’s refreshing to see that a brand like Instytutum with their single range of just 10 products when most brands are screaming “MOAR!” in today’s beauty industry.


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