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Not beauty related but I’ve been obsessed (again) with all things Prince of Tennis/TeniPuri, starting with the 2019 Chinese Drama 奮鬥吧!少年, which led me to rewatching the anime and now playing the mobile game Prince of Tennis Rising Beat/TeniRabi. I love that this series doesn’t try to take itself too seriously – it knows it’s utterly ridiculous and full embraces that. Plus all the characters, even from the rival schools, are so lovable! It’s so good that I even got my never-watches-anime husband hooked!

A highly moisturizing lipstick with SPF26 and PA+++? Yes please! Plus it comes in 4 gorgeous shades and I want to collect them all.

Coming from using tretinoin in Curology, this feels super gentle in comparison. Plus it’s full of my favorite ingredients: peptides, ceramides, and fatty acids!

The more I use this gel + cream hybrid the more I love it. It seems gimmicky, but actually moisturizes well and gives the prettiest glass-skin finish.

Loving this facial oil in the mornings, the antioxidants (hello vitamin c and tumeric) help protect the skin from environmental damages.

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