The Albion Infinesse Derma Pump Milk Transformed My Skincare Routine Forever

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. AJ_Cole says:

    How’s this different from the regular lotions or moisturizers out there? New to skincare and trying to figure out what all these steps are for. Can you break it down a bit?

    • Jenny Wu says:

      While you definitely can use this as a regular lotion/moisturizer, it’s specifically formulated to help balance your skin’s moisture/oil levels and help prep for subsequent product absorption. That’s why it’s used almost first after cleansing instead of at the end of the routine.

  2. TJ_Smith says:

    I’m all about the tech behind skincare, and this OSK9 stuff sounds like the future. Love the science behind it!

  3. Sophie K. says:

    Does anyone know if Albion’s Infinesse Milk is cruelty-free? Trying to make ethical choices with my skincare.

  4. Ron D. says:

    While I appreciate the innovation behind the OSK9 peptide, I’m curious about the empirical evidence supporting its efficacy. Has there been any independent research beyond what’s been presented by Albion’s team?

    • Ron D. says:

      Thanks, Jill, that’s what I suspected. It underscores the need for more transparent research in the beauty industry.

    • Jill H. says:

      Great question, Ron. I looked into it, and there’s limited independent research on OSK9 specifically. Most studies are funded by cosmetic companies, so it’s hard to find unbiased data.

      • Jenny Wu says:

        This is correct. Unless we’re looking at a super common ingredient like retinol or vitamin c, the independent research is going to be limited, and even more so for these brand-specific ingredients.

  5. Chris F. says:

    The Infinesse Derma Pump Milk has been a game-changer for my skincare routine! Love how my skin feels after, definitely worth the investment.

  6. DanielleP says:

    everyone’s raving about osk9 but does it really make a difference? feels like every other week there’s a new ‘miracle ingredient’. i’ll believe it when i see it. anyone with before and after pics?

  7. Ella J. says:

    Has anyone with sensitive skin tried the Albion milk and how did your skin react? I’m always hesitant to try new skincare because my skin can be pretty unforgiving. Thanks!

  8. Anne says:

    As much as I love the results you describe, I don’t think I would take the time to do that regularly.

    Anne from “Doctor Anne”

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