Cotton pads – the only skincare tool you really need

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Sophie says:

    Yes cotton pads are the much under-appreciated but much needed staple in everyone’s beauty closet.
    I’ve heard such wonderful things about the Muji ones, I guess it’s time I started investing!

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

    • Jenny says:

      Muji surprisingly has some great beauty products! I heard their cleansing oil is fantastic too! ??

      • Daniel says:

        I use their cleansing oil! It seems to get the job done, it also has a nice olive oil smell. I think it is a bit pricey but I’m kinda cheap when it comes to cleansers lol.

        • Jenny says:

          Hi Daniel! Sorry, but which brand were you referring to? I’m going to guess Muji because I’ve heard good things about their cleansing oil :P

  2. Alice B says:

    those clarisonic trend is so ridiculously expensive! especially the foreo thing from sephora. it’s hella expensive wth :)) i mean, maybe they DO make a difference for some people but to me, it’s not a hardcore necessity. i’ve heard of facial brush and sponge though. i might try a sponge just because it sounds fun. i still think our hands are the best method to wash our face, despite how basic it is.

    it’s funny because hadalabo suggests applying their lotion with hand, lol. i used to apply toner with cotton pad too but ever since i turn into a hadalabo fan, i always use my hand and i love it more for some reason. not sure why, maybe it’s the patting lol
    the shiseido facial cotton is so high end, isn’t it? i’ve heard other people review it and they DO say it’s super soft and stuff.

    • Jenny says:

      I’ve never tried the Foreo, but I agree, the price is pretty steep D: The thing with all facial brushes and sponges though is that you need to replace them regularly, and those replacements can get expensive. I suppose the same is with cotton pads, but the replacement cost is much cheaper ;)

      If the toner recommends using your hands, then I’d definitely follow the instructions on there. Using cotton pads was just something I experimented with and found worked well, so it’s worth trying if you find that using your hands isn’t as effective.

  3. Sarah says:

    I love cotton pads! I first heard about the masking method from some Japanese lady who wrote a book called (I believe) The Japanese Skincare Revolution. Thanks for the in depth post!

    • Jenny says:

      You’re welcome Sarah! I actually have that book, and she shares some great skincare techniques. Her skin is incredible for her age, so I’ve been trying to follow her tips!

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