Sandwich masking with the DearPacker Black Tea & Black Rose Mask

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Ling says:

    Hi Jenny,

    Your honest and thorough reviews are always so insightful and most helpful when comes to decision making. Truly deeply appreciate the sandwich masking steps – this is very insightful and discerningly effective!
    Please could you kindly advise if this jar of mask is made of glass or plastic? It’s just something that I have for glass containers :-)

    Looking forward to more such beauty reviews!
    Cheers, Ling

  2. Michelle says:

    Awesome review! Oh my gosh I am obsessed with rose-anything right now so I’m definitely going to look into this. The price is a bit higher than what I would usually pay but I’ll look around for better price elsewhere

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Michelle! I love rose-anything as well, it just makes the product feel extra luxurious, haha

      BB Cosmetics frequently has sales, so the prices may drop further then. Or check eBay to see if any Korean sellers are carrying this mask :)

  3. Red roses really are 2 basic. #truth Love the layout and the pics! Can I ask if you’re using your phone to take them? or a Camera?

  4. Alice B says:

    I laughed a little when you said “red roses are too basic” since my friend and i always use “too basic” to hilariously joke about stuff. ANYWAY, this mask has such a nice packaging! too bad the brand isn’t available here :(

    I’ve never heard of sandwich masking method and owned any gel mask….unless you include tonymoly’s apple peeling gel as mask but i don’t think it’s considered a face mask. I’ve heard about the lotion mask method but never tried it before. I wonder, does sandwich masking increases hydration as well? since we’re using hydrating lotion and such. I suppose it only works with gel mask and not clay? this is such a stupid question lol

    although the steps are short, for me, it’s a little more work than just…use the mask alone and maybe i’m too lazy for sandwich method :P

    • Jenny says:

      Dearpacker isn’t readily available in the US either, most of these sellers ship from Korea, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they ship to other countries as well.

      Lotion masks are an affordable alternative to sheet masks and can really boost your skins ‘a hydration level, so adding it to your gel mask should do the same, plus help your skin better absorb whatever ingredients are in the gel mask. Since clay masks are to draw out sebum, oil, and whatever gunk we have in our pores, they’re best used alone ^^;

  5. evydraws says:

    This entire blog post is just gorgeous! The product packaging itself, yes, but also the way you took the pictures and the backgrounds you used – so beautiful without distracting from the review itself! (ok, no, I totally was distracted by those dessert drawings… can I ask you what book that is?) Never heard of Dearpacker before, but now it’s definitely on my radar, especially for gift purposes :)

    I have some ‘meh’ mask products, from free samples and so on, and this sounds like the perfect way to get some serious effects out of those! :D I’ll try the sandwiching method with my Aloe Gel and a cheap sheetmask when I get my next obligatory sunburn.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you for your sweet comment!! The book is called Fashion House by Megan Hess – she’s one of my favorite illustrators and I frequently use her books/arts for my photos :)

      Yes! Sandwich masking is great especially for meh masks! If you do try it I’d love to hear your experience with it!

  6. Shi Hui says:

    Hi! I simply love your photography of the items! It’s really minimalist. On top of that, I didn’t know mask layering were called mask sandwiching. I learned something today :)

    • Jenny says:

      Aww, thank you Shi Hui! Taking photos is probably one of my favorite parts of blogging, haha. Glad you found this useful! I just made up the name because the layering reminded me of a sandwich :P

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