My summer-to-fall skincare routine

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Elisa

    that bioderm packaging though! i really love how oceanic the design is :P
    wow, a face wash bar soap! I never liked the idea of bar soap though… i might even hate it and i don’t know why…probably because it sounds so unhygienic to me (even though i won’t share the bar soap with anyone in the house, obviously) but i prefer having squeeze tubes or pumps when it comes to soap :P

    i’m actually following your advice and use sunscreen underneath my makeup or basically just anytime i need to go out during the day and i’m using the skin aqua one too! but not the SPF 50 though… i’m using the normal to dry skin moisture gel SPF 30 (because the SPF 50 one wasn’t available last time) your skin aqua, however, i never saw that here. there IS the SPF 50 one here but it’s a moisture MILK and i’m afraid it will turn my face into a greasy hot dog :(

    i’m not sure if i should be grateful that i don’t live in a country with seasons or not lol. i want to experience fall and winter but imagine if my skin turns dry during those times, i have to purchase skincare products just for dry skin! meanwhile, mine is always combo skin here because i don’t live in a country with seasons xD

    • Jenny

      It feels very sturdy too – definitely a high quality product :)

      I actually did a bit of research on bar soap after your comment, and surprisingly it’s actually better than liquid soap:

      Yay that I’ve converted someone into a regular sunscreen user! XD There are actually some sunscreens made for combo/oily skins and surprisingly they’re all in that milky texture, so just check the bottle to make sure!

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