The beginner friendly Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Alice B says:

    Yaaaas thanks for reviewing this product! I’ve always been curious about kiehl’s avocado eye cream because everyone (and by everyone, i mean beauty bloggers lol) seems to looove this. It’s just that this eye cream does not address to dark circles so i’m not sure about purchasing it…yet. Then again, brightening eye creams are hella expensive so maybe i’ll try this one after i’m done with my body shop vitamin E eye cream.

    Packaging wise, i know it’s better to have the eye cream in a squeeze tube because it’s cleaner that way but is it weird that this one makes me think i get more products? It’s a huge eye cream unlike other common ones and i like that to justify the price lol.

    I’ve heard about the kiehl midnight recovery eye for dark circles but that one is crazy expensive. Havd you tried that yet?

    • Jenny says:

      You’re welcome! It’s definitely a very hyped product and why I wanted to try it myself, but now I can see why people rave about it!

      The issue with dark circles is that it could be caused by poor blood circulation around the eye area, and that’s not something skincare products can address directly. A lot of times just sleeping earlier and massaging your eye area can help improve dark circles, but again that depends on what the cause of the dark circles are… maybe I’ll cover this in a future post :P

      Since dark circles are tricky, I’ve pretty much given up on products claiming to fix them. I did see the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye, and while I liked the serum, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the eye cream

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