Personalized Skincare: Agency Dark Spot Formula Review

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Katy Spaulding says:

    I had a terrible experience with the Agency Skincare Future Formula product and their customer service. I was on it for several months, and although I was breaking out worse than ever, they told me to continue using it. I finally went to a real dermatologist, and she said that they are likely using poorly compounded ingredients that may cause more issues than they solve. I had been on high concentration tretinoin before with no problems.

    If you do try them and don’t see results in a couple of months, learn from my mistake and stop treatment immediately.

    • Jenny Wu says:

      I’m shocked that they would push you to continue using something when you’re breaking out, that doesn’t seem right at all. But in the case where someone isn’t seeing results (without any adverse reactions), I would check with if Agency to see if they can improve my formula. I believe they check in each time before sending out a new bottle to see how you’re doing and if need any changes.

  2. Dawn Smith says:

    I’m late here but got my agency in few days ago but because of my super sensitive rosacea hot skin I knew not to try dark spot or future formula on same days. First night I did vanicream cleanser, vanicream moisture then future formula 0.05. Got a little red but not bad, was tolerable and looked fine for makeup next day! Next night I did the dark spot formula 4% hydroquinone, 4%kojac 3% azaleic and 1% resveratrol and within 1 hour I was hurting on fire and rushed to wash my face but could feel the Sting still during the night and woke up to a face still red and blotchy and needing healed.

    • Jenny says:

      You should definitely speak to your Agency healthcare provider to let them know. Were they aware of your sensitive skin conditions before prescribing your formula?

  3. Anne says:

    Hyperpigmentation is really hard to treat, mine is very stubborn too. Do you know the max percentage of Hydroquinone they would use?

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