Situational cleansing: Holifrog cleansers review

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu


Friday 9th of October 2020

Can you say what their packaging is made of? Hopefully not normal plastic?


Saturday 10th of October 2020

Not really sure what you mean by normal plastic, but the bottles are plastic and recyclable.

Makeup Muddle

Sunday 10th of May 2020

I have never tried anything from Holifrog before, their bright coloured packaging is so fun! I think I'd enjoy the Scrubby Wash the most!

Makeup Muddle


Sunday 3rd of May 2020

I agree with you, serums are where you should spend the $$$, but I admit I have a weakness for nice cleansers. None of the above does excite me enough to go out and purchase though, especially as the cute packaging is not my style.

Anne from Doctor Anne

Shireen L. Platt

Thursday 30th of April 2020

Thank you for such an in-depth and honest review, Jenny, I can always count on you. I adore cleansers but I dislike spending too much money on them and I love my Cerave cleansers! I also agree that it's best to spend $$$ on serums more than anything else.


Thursday 30th of April 2020

I've never heard of this brand before but it sounds great!

Jennifer Effortlessly Sophisticated