Skincare 101: why using baking soda on your skin is a terrible idea

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Liv

    I’ve used baking powder cleanser at one point but I never went back because I remembered it was really bad for my skin! Thanks for writing this post with backed scientific evidence!!

    • Jenny Wu

      I hope it didn’t do any damage the one time you used it! I figured some scientific evidence is always good, especially since people seem so keen on the idea of baking soda + skincare to begin with.

  • Liz

    I’ve looked into baking soda-based recipes for deodorant, because I’ve found many deodorants to have coconut oil, or some other nut, and I’m allergic to nuts and tree nuts, which includes coconut. I’m glad I read this post, because it’s helped me mark that route off my ideas list. XD

    • Jenny Wu

      I think baking soda deodorants aren’t as bad because the skin on your face is usually more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body.
      Plus I’m assuming the baking soda will only be a small part of the deodorant, which makes it better than these masks/scrubs where baking soda is the main ingredient.

  • Gretch

    I must admit, I’m guilty of being interested in all those baking soda stuffs. Good thing I am too lazy to actual d-i-y my own baking soda masks and etc.

    I guess I should really research more before believing something from the internet next time. Ahhh. Pinterest just have that vibe wherein it makes you interested in doing all those d-i-y thingies, you know?

    • Jenny Wu

      It’s ok Gretch, I was the same before I found out how bad baking soda was for our skin D: Pinterest is definitely an enabler when it comes to DIY – seeing all these pins makes me think that I can DIY anything!

  • Sarah Payne

    What about Ajax? Or Comet? ;)

    • Jenny Wu

      Haha, I’d definitely recommend those for your toilet ;)

  • Katie

    Thanks for sharing this! I also really enjoyed having the further reading at the bottom of the post, made me believe you ;) I’m glad I’ve never tried any of this, it’s honestly because I’m too lazy… because I have so many baking soda diys on my Pinterest :S

    • Jenny Wu

      Hehe, I figured having some scientific journals to back me up wouldn’t hurt ;) I have a couple skincare DIYs on my Pinterest too (nothing with baking soda though), and hopefully one day I’ll finally get around to trying them out!

  • Mark Burnett

    Thanks for letting us know, loving your blog.

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