Instytutum Flawless Pads review & more

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Oooh everything sounds lovely and it’s really nice to find out about a brand which isn’t see everywhere! Such a lovely post and hope you’re having a lovely weekend! :)

    Layla x

  2. Gabrielle says:

    The flawless pads sound really effective and thanks for the advice to only use occasionally to avoid sore skin (I have quite dry skin!). I’ve been hearing quite a bit about this brand lately :) Thanks for the thorough review!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

    • Jenny says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! I feel like with pads and chemical exfoliants it’s very easy to go overboard and damage your skin, so definitely better to take it slow :)

  3. Rashmi says:

    This product looks so good :) I like this brand :) Beautiful post!
    Beauty and Fashion Freaks

  4. Kiran says:

    The Flawless supplements sound fantastic! This brand looks great xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  5. Sheena Sy Gonzales says:

    Lobing the benefits on this product!

    Sheena |

  6. I would love to try these products! The supplements sounds great!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  7. Bernadette says:

    These skincare items sound so awesome, especially that Alive water. I definitely need to check out this brand.

  8. Mica says:

    Oh the supplements for skincare sounds interesting! I ended up switching from pregnancy supplements to breastfeeding supplements to a ‘motherhood’ blend from the same company, just because if the extra vitamins are recommended in breastfeeding and pregnancy, I was sure they would be benefitial after all that too. I’ve never thought about taking one specifically for skin concerns but maybe I should look into it! :)

    Hope that you are having a nice start to your week :) We finally got some cooler weather after our weekend heatwave, so I’ve been enjoying that!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Jenny says:

      Oh those definitely sound like important supplements to take, I’d do the same if I were in your situation. While I think overall wellness should be the main goal of supplements, it’s nice to see companies putting a focus on improving the skin as well :)

      it’s been the opposite here! It was freezing for the past few weeks and now it’s starting to warm up a bit, and I’m loving it!

  9. Jenny, you have me so excited about this brand. I was looking at the supplements, and I use to take many of those individually. LOL Now they’re combined in one pill! Absolutely amazing. Those pads and water sound great as well. I can’t wait to explore the brand. Thanks for doing these reviews.

    • Jenny says:

      Yay, mission accomplished, and so glad you like the reviews! This is a brand whose products have yet to disappoint me, though I’m still waiting to see results from the supplement.

  10. Olga Olis says:

    I have been thinking about including supplements in my routine for quite some time. I’m already on B12 supplements. I love chemical peeling, it just works perfectly for so many skin concerns. Thank you for sharing all the details and the honest review!

    Olga from Myme

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you for reading Olga! One thing I really like about this supplement is that I just need to take this and I have most of my important vitamins covered. In the past I used to take my Bs and C vitamins separately and it was a bit much ????

  11. What a great round-up, I will be definitely waiting for more updates on the supplement and water (sounds like something I would love to try, and yes – I need that LRP in my life asap now). As for the pads, I have dry skin so I am a bit unsure; I actually think I have over-exfoliated my skin in the past two weeks lol I need to be a touch more careful ouch! x

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Naya! Still not seeing much from the supplements, and honestly between the Instytutum water vs. LRP water, I prefer the LRP just because it’s so much cheaper and I can spray to my heart’s content!

  12. Alyssa says:

    The supplement sounds great. I agree with you that we can’t all consume everything we need especially that people doesn’t follow the food pyramid anymore and eat fast food all the time. My mom has been actually nagging me to drink supplements but the problem is I don’t swallow tablets and pills. Medicines I take are either syrup, gummy, or injected. And so far I can’t find a beauty supplement in those formulas.

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

    • Jenny says:

      I know in Asia they sell a lot of “beauty” drinks that include collagen and vitamin c, and honestly I wish they had that here too as I’d find those a lot more enjoyable than pills ???? Or you can try powder form and mix it into your juice if that formula is easier to find!

      • Alyssa says:

        Ahh yes! There are a lot of beauty drinks here ???? some even have glutathione and you can find them in drugstores and convenience stores packed like a kindergartener’s juice pack with cute designs ???? I ignore those. Feels too gimmicky, but I just got a set of ivi premuim drink (Japanese brand) last weekend. It contains collagen and Vit C so fingers crossed, I hope it’ll work ????

  13. Becky says:

    agree with the supplements! unless you’re a healthy eater who tracks all the macro/micronutrients consumed, there’s no way to eat *everything* you need. shireen just posted about this too, and i just remembered that i have to take my fish oil cause i’m so bad at remembering, haha.

    i’m the worrrrst at responding to comments lol, though i’m trying to be better at it – usually i leave it to pile up for a week or two before replying, which leaves me to replying in bulk. i think it’d be so much easier on me if i replied to them once or twice a day!

    becky @ star violet

    • Jenny says:

      Fish oil makes such a difference for my skin in the winter. I stopped taking it for a while (forgot…haha), and my skin felt significantly drier and prone to inflammation!

      …me replying to this comment 11 days later is proof that I’m still horrible at this ???? I agree, I probably make this a daily habit!

  14. Kay (shoesandglitter) says:

    I too don’t really mind supplements, but I find that tablets don’t really do much for me. Apparently, our bodies can only absorb a very small amount of vitamins from a pill? I’ve heard that powders that you dissolve in water are more effective. These are quite expensive too so I’d probably pass on that. The water sounds pretty lovely, though! Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on these, hun. <3 Hope you're having a fab week beaut xoxo


    • Jenny says:

      Oh that’s interesting, I had no idea! I wonder what the science is behind the absorbency of pills vs powder or even gel – time to look this up! Hope you’re having a great week too!

  15. SofiaaDot says:

    The alive water sounds so interesting!

    xx Sofia | SOFIAADOT

  16. Mercy says:

    It’s nice to know about this brand especially the vitamins. I’m actually taking a Collagen booster capsule and I can say that you can only see the results after a month of taking it continuously. I wouldn’t mind trying this brand if I see it.

    • Jenny says:

      I also take a collagen powder, and I agree, it took me a long time (maybe more than a month) to start noticing the difference! Patience is definitely the key!

  17. I try to eat well as much as possible but I also believe in using supplements to support my diet just because I feel like I can never quite get to that perfect balance. I’ve also been taking these since the beginning of the year and like you, it’s too soon to see any results but the ingredients in these are good so they can’t hurt right ;p I really like those pads and how they’re effective yet gentle. I can always look forward to softer smoother skin on the day I use them every week :D

  18. I used to stay steer clear from supplements but recently I have learnt they actually are a need considering the lifestyles we have (as you mentioned here as well too) This supplement seems to have great additions like hyaluronic acid and linolenic acid, I almost never saw them in supplements! The flawless pads are taking attention too! Do they help with blackheads? It’s one issue that bothers me the most!
    Hope this week has been good to you!

    • Jenny says:

      Sorry for the super late reply! One of the ingredients in the pad, salicylic acid, is oil soluble, so it has the ability to reach our pores and dissolve any debris that are clogging them. In this sense, yes these pads should help with blackheads!

  19. Emily says:

    Interesting! I already am in love with a few pads, so I doubt I’d try those. But the Flawless vitamins things (what I’m calling them lol) sounds really interesting. I like that they boosted your mood too! I used to take some natural vitamins to calm me down, because I worry so much. But these seem to have benefits extending beyond that. I’d be interested to know in another month or so if you feel like they’ve really worked!


    • Jenny says:

      The mood and energy boost was definitely a pleasant surprise, though I’m still waiting to see if I can notice any skin improvements ???? Will definitely have an update post once I finish the bottle (hopefully sooner)!

  20. The pads are the thing I am eyeing here, as I don´t really take much supplements on a regular, simply bcause I keep forgetting. But salicylic pads… I am so tempted.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  21. I just read about this on Shireen’s blog too! It sounds like a great multi-vitamin (though i’m awful at taking them regularly.) I admit that I would be much more inclined if it were to benefit my skin! I just started using AHA and oh my goodness, what a difference in my skin! Those pads sound really good (though the price when not on sale is iffy LOL.)

    • Jenny says:

      Hopefully I’ll see some skin improvements soon, as these supplements are quite pricey! Woohoo, so glad you’re getting great results with AHA! Luckily Instytutum runs sales often enough where you can get their products around 30% off, making the prices a bit more affordable :)

  22. Ladyofashion says:

    Thanks for giving us such a detailed review. I have not tried these supplements, and have only used a couple of “beauty supplements” in the past, did not notice much. Now, I just stick to ones that I know work for my body paired with natural superfood supplements that I take. Those pads sound interesting but I do have sensitive skin. You’re the second blogger that I’ve read using the pads. /Madison

    • Jenny says:

      It does seem beauty supplements can be a hit or miss, that’s generally been my experience as well. Glad you were able to find ones that worked!

  23. I have such dry skin, that most cleansers I use eventually start to burn my skin and it really annoys me. Hm, supplements sound interesting– not that I would try it any time soon, but I’d like to know more about your experiences with it after using it for a few more months. Also– what is the function of a mist? (lol).

    • Jenny says:

      Oh no! Have you tried Cerave’s Hydrating Cleanser? It’s one of the most gentle non-irritating ones I’ve tried so far, and very affordable too!

      Mists are pretty much toners in a spray bottle, haha. They’re great for hydrating the skin, and some people use it to set their makeup. I like using it between each step of my skincare routine to add some extra hydration :)

  24. Ms Tantrum says:

    I love trying supplements but the first thing i notice is immediate effects on my metabolism.. Sometimes in a good way and sometimes it takes a while to settle. I agree that the changes in skin are not drastic but anything that keeps you energised is a good one! I am interested in Chemical Exfoliating pads.

    Ash |

    • Jenny says:

      It’s interesting to see how the same supplements can impact people in different ways, but I agree, any type of positive effects is always a good thing! The chemical exfoliating pads are lovely, I just wish I could use them more often without my skin being so sensitive!

  25. Camilla says:

    I’m pretty interested in the supplements though I’ve always been wary of taking them without consulting with a health practitioner. So interesting to hear that they worked for you!

    Camilla ||

    • Jenny says:

      That’s definitely the right approach, I feel like I’m definitely a bit cavalier when it comes to supplement ???? Luckily it’s been nothing but good (albeit subtle) results so far!

  26. I’ve never tried a beauty supplement. This is a new brand to me. You’re photos are stunning! I love the backdrop.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  27. I am always intrigued by beauty supplements but i agree i guess it’s hard to notice effects straight away. However, better mood and energy is always a plus

  28. Hannah says:

    I love the eye cream too, but I’m not too sure on supplements. Mainly because I struggle with tablets. I’m taking a gummy vitamin at the minute, and it’s a lot easier for me. You really can’t argue with all of the benefits though!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • Jenny says:

      I love gummy vitamins, they are definitely a lot easier to take than tablets, which sometimes I struggle with as well. My problem with gummies is that I always want to eat more than the suggested daily servings! ????

  29. Shireen says:

    I am trying this supplements too and so far I’m not noticing anything magical yet! I hope to see at least some improvements by the end of the bottle because it’s so pricey.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    • Jenny says:

      I’d actually be a little worried if I started seeing results immediately, because then I’d wonder what sort of secret drugs they included in there! ???? But yes, by the end of the bottle hopefully we’ll both see some improvements in our skin!

  30. Sal UmmBaby says:

    I really want to try those pads as they sound right up my street. I have 2/3 of the Peter Thomas Roth pads left and they sound quite similar. I don’t take any supplements yet but am looking for more affordable ones to help me with skin and general feelings of wellness like these xxx

    • Jenny says:

      These pads are definitely one of the best I’ve tried yet in terms of efficacy and potency, I just wish my skin wasn’t so sensitive so I could use them more often (as in once a week) ????

  31. Cat L says:

    Jenny, you sold me on both of these products. I recently started taking supplements I buy from my local health store and have noticed a difference. In my case, I don’t always eat a balanced meal nor do I get the recommended 7 hours of sleep so getting help via the supplements has proven beneficial. Will add the Instytutum ones to my list. As far as the pads, I love the ingredients. They sound like products I would enjoy as well. Thank you for such a thorough review. Hope your New Year is off to a great start.
    ~ Cat L.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Cat, I hope 2018 is going well for you so far! I’m the exact same way, with working full-time and/or having kids I feel like it’s almost impossible to eat well and sleep well everyday, and supplements are great for that!

  32. Sam says:

    I was definitely that person who cringed at supplements, because a) I’m lazy, and b) I never considered myself as someone who needs them. But lately I’ve been finding myself more into the idea, probably because I’m finally realizing that I’m not as “healthy” as I like to think I am, lol!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • Jenny says:

      It can definitely be a bit of a chore if you take a lot of supplements, and I still forget to take them sometimes, especially after a busy day. Maybe it’s the placebo effect, but I do notice a difference in my overall wellbeing if I skip too many days!

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