Review: MONAT Rejuveniqe Intensive Oil

Regardless of how I thought this product performed (which was terrible btw), I do not care for MLMs and will never support these brands, and here is why. This review was written before I even knew what MLMs did, and my thoughts on the product itself hasn’t changed. As a dry skin gal, I am a big fan of facial oils, especially in the winter time. In a previous post I briefly mentioned that I’ve been using the MONAT Rejuveniqe Intensive Oil for the eczema on my arm, so today, I’d like to review that oil in more details.  What initially …

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu
  1. Jenny says:

    That’s great! This articles is 2+ years old, so it’s possible the product has been reformulated. Or it’s just a better fit for certain skin types than others.

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