Cloudberry in skincare – Lumene Valo Glow reviews

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu


Friday 16th of November 2018

I have not tried this line from Lumene, but I have used their products some years ago and liked them. My sister used to live in Sweden so I am used to eating a lot of common berries from the Scandinavia areas, now I want to try this a couple items from this range. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. FASHION TALES

little luxury list

Thursday 15th of November 2018

Oh the hydra oil is gorgeous and looks like an awesome combination of ingredients. I'll definitely look out for this. Thanks for the review!

Shireen L. Platt

Thursday 15th of November 2018

I am seeing this brand everywhere recently and I really like the packaging too. They are aesthetically pleasing and judging by your review, they are pretty good and I also love the budget friendly price. If there is one thing that I am most interested to try, it would be the Hydra Oil!


Wednesday 14th of November 2018

Wonderful review here Jenny! It is nice to finally see Lumene in North America. As someone, who grew up in European/Russian culture, we are no strangers to Lumene or cloudberry (fun fact: my mom used to make her own cloudberry jams!). As you've mentioned it is a wonderful source of Vitamin C and has been used/loved in Scandinavian and other surrounding countries for generations now. P.S. your cat is absolutely adorable! xx

Rowena @ rolala loves

Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Oh I love the little cameo by Cooper in this post Jenny ;) I actually haven't hear of cloudberry before and when I was reading your description of it I couldn't help but wonder what does it taste like LOL. The antioxidant benefits of this range sound appealing and it's certainly affordable. The hydra-oil caught my eye because it looks so pretty. Good to know that it worked well for you. The texture sounds lovely. I'll have to see if I can check these out in person the next time I'm in Target or CVS.


Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Thank you! For once he was sitting nicely in the background instead of sniffing all my products, haha. I'm curious about the taste of cloudberry as well but I imagine them to be similar to raspberries! They're also used in pies, so they can't taste that bad!