2015 favorites – makeup edition

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Raisa

    I’ve been wanting the Naked Palette for such a long time, but I’ve yet to make the splurge! I’m not that great with eye makeup either, but I’d really like to improve. Perhaps I should start saving for it. XD

    Thank you so much for joining our linkup! <3

    • Jenny Wu

      The Naked (or Naked 2) Palette is definitely worth the investment as it’s so versatile! Since the colors are all neutrals, I find them much easier to use and you can stick with the lighter shades if you’re scared of messing up :)

  • Eirene

    The Naked 1 palette is the only palette I own haha but I find that it’s enough for what I do with my makeup! And ooh, I’ve heard lots of people talk about that YSL product! It’s definitely on my to-buy-someday list!

    • Jenny Wu

      Yes! For the longest time the Naked 1 was my only palette too! YSL products are just so pretty – they double as decor for your vanity/dresser!

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