Your scalp needs love too, and these hair oils can help

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Jill says:

    I expected the Lavender Hair Oil from Flora Remedia to be a bit greasier than usual hair oils. But you’re definitely right that it smells great! It took about a week for me to notice that my hair is healthier.

  2. Esnath says:

    I love hair oils and use them as an oil treatment before, I wash my hair when I have time. The lavender hair oils has just on on my wish list and will be hunting it down really need to try it out.
    Great review of these products

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Esnath! Using hair oils can be a bit time consuming, but for me it’s totally worth the effort (with the right product of course!). Lavender oil is actually great for hair and scalp as well, plus it smells lovely! :)

  3. Elisa says:

    i don’t have problems with dandruff or hair falls but i DO have problems with SLOW HAIR GROWTH! ugh, i envy people whose hair growth is so rapid in just 3 months! mine takes yeaaaaars to grow. i can never achieve my desired hair length (which is half-arm length) and currently, it stays at bicep length ew. i read about how coconut milk or olive oil can make hair grow faster but i’m not so sure about that… some people say that it won’t work because hair growth is based on genetics. i never tried any of these oils before but i did try coconut milk before and i think it gave my hair too much protein LOL

    • Jenny says:

      I think the speed of hair growth is mostly determined by genetics, but what we can do is prevent the grown hair from breaking and/or falling out prematurely. That’s where using these oils comes into play. Basically they nourish the scalp, which if you think about it, gets constantly stripped by the detergents in our shampoo, but we never apply any products to hydrate/nourish it! But no one like a gross greasy head, so that’s why these scalp oils always suggest applying them right before you shampoo.

      Applying oil on the ends of your hair also helps prevent breakage. My friend swears by coconut oil on the ends of her hair, and she went from having regular chest-length hair to waist length hair. She said that her hair has never been able to grow that long before, so I believe coconut (or any other type of oil) really helps.

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