Yadah Oh My Sun Slush SPF50 review

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. blue says:

    Hi, may i know which sunscreens are good,safe and cost efficient to use? further, is it reasonable to just use a normal face cleanser to wash off sunscreen?

    • Jenny says:

      All sunscreens are safe to use, but there can be ingredients that you might be sensitive to like alcohol or essential oils, so you should check the ingredient list if you want to avoid them. As for good, that’s subjective. A good sunscreen is one you’ll use daily and the correct amount, so it depends on your daily activity – are you outdoors a lot? Then you’ll need one with higher UVA/UVB protection than someone who’s mostly indoors. You can find plenty of affordable sunscreens from Japanese/Korean brands and I highly recommend those for everyday use, but would recommend the slightly more expensive La Roche Posay Anthelios range if you’re outdoors a lot. A good sunscreen is worth spending a bit more on, as it’s the most effective antiaging skincare product you can use. I share a few of my recommended sunscreens in these posts
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      If your sunscreen is labeled as sweat-resistant/water-resistant/waterproof or is tinted, I would recommend double cleansing to fully remove the sunscreen. But for milder sunscreens that do not have such labels, I personally just use a normal cleanser.

  2. Hanis says:

    hi may i ask, do i need to take note the absorption proof of other products too? or only sunscreens?

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