The body care edit – my favorite hands, body, and feet products

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Oh, so many new to me products. I really need to look into more body lotions.

    Jennifer | Mrs Q Beauty

  2. 7% Solution says:

    The whitening lotion looks awesome. I’ve got to look for that on Amazon!

  3. This is a great post Jenny! I’ve been introduced to quite a few new things. I know the Naruko AM+PM Super Triple HA Hydrating Souffle and it was too rich for my face and I think it also broke me out. I never thought of using it on my body. Anyway, I passed it on to my Mom and se loves it. x

    Ann-Marie |

  4. Alyssa says:

    The Nivea is the only one I tried from this list, but that I want to try that Face Shop mini pet shop handcream because of the packaging! :) But it’s great to know it is also a good product :D

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  5. I swear by Soap & Glory’s Sugar Crush Body Buttercream! I keep it stocked in my beauty cupboard. I’ve heard amazing things regarding Kiehl’s Creme de Corps. I’ll have to get a jar. A blogger gifted me that cute mini pet hand cream. I will have to give it a try. I love the Rituals brand! I will have to try that scrub.

  6. Hannah says:

    Great selection of products! I have been loving experimenting with skincare just recently, so I’ll have to try some of this out too. Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  7. Wonderful product selection here Jenny! I agree about body care, I tend to neglect it too lol I heard great things about Kiehl’s bodycare range and that little kitten hand cream – I need one! xx

  8. Shireen says:

    I adore the layout of this post, Jenny! And I do like Nivea body lotion, haven’t tried the others in this post though.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  9. Haha this post just made me realize how I absolutely do not take care of myself well. So many products I’ve never heard of, but thanks for sharing! I might try some.

  10. The packaging on that one hand cream is way too cute; I would purchase it solely for that as well. Glad that it works though! I guess it’s a good point that if you take care of your face, you really should give your body the TLC it needs (I often neglect to as well.) Thanks for sharing some of your favourite products!

  11. I love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps too but the standard version. It’s such a great product – non fussy but does what it says with moisture that lasts x

  12. Sam Hodgett says:

    Love your new post layout! I’ve always been very diligent with body care especially the lotion and scrubs because my skin is just so dry and it’ll start flaking if I skip it for a day but I always try to keep it on a budget. The Rituals brand is something I rave about as well, but I can’t get it in HK so had to find alternatives. Having tried 101 different body lotions at different price points, I still stand by my Nivea Firming Body Lotion, do give that one a go if the whitening one finishes. It’s a great, fast absorbing and moisturising lotion for every day use (not sure about the firming part though!). I haven’t really explored the Kiehls brand yet, but that body butter definitely intrigues me, will have to get my hands on it!

    • Jenny says:

      Aww thanks Sam! I guess my skin used to be on the normal side, so I’ve never felt the need to take extra care of it until now ???? I’m actually curious about the Nivea Firming Body Lotion myself, I think I’ll pick it up the next time I’m in Taiwan!

  13. Merel van Poorten says:

    Amazing products! Thanks for sharing.

    X Merel

  14. Velvet Blush says:

    The bodyshop butter cream is amazing! The Naruko souffle sounds amazing what with the dry weather here making my hands go really dry x

    Velvet Blush

  15. Kiri Yanchenko says:

    I have heard a lot about Rituals. Although we don’t have them in Australia – I should probably get some on amazon.
    You are really lucky to receive a pre launch sample of the Seed Phytonutrient. What an interesting name!
    Set to Glow

    • Jenny says:

      I hope you’ll be able to find their products on Amazon, and hopefully the prices are still reasonable! I’m really excited for the launch of Seed Phytonutrient, their quality is definitely comparable to brands like Crabtree & Evelyn!

  16. Cat L says:

    Rituals and Crabtree&Evelyn are some of my favorite body care brands! I have used their products for years and always repurchase. I am very intrigued by that Honey Oil Body Wash. It sounds so nice and I bet it smells heavenly! Great roundup Jenny!
    ~ Cat L.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you so much Cat! Both brands make such fantastic products, and the usage experience for both are luxurious yet their prices are still reasonable!

  17. Mica says:

    I have that soap and glory body butter cream – it does have such a great scent! :)

    I haven’t tried any of the other products though. I often skip moisturiser in summer for my body – I definitely need it in winter and use it every day, but it’s so easy to forget in summer, I need to be more regular with it :)

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend :) Cold and wet here, a bit unexpected after our warm week!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • Jenny says:

      Aw thank you Mica! I definitely use less moisturizer during the summer time as well, so I try to keep a lighter lotion on hand for the warmer weather that won’t make my skin feel too sticky :)

  18. You are profoundly correct. What’s a beautiful smooth face with rough body skin? Quite a turn off I suppose. The honey oil body wash looks like something that I am willing to use for ages.

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  19. Sal UmmBaby says:

    Lol! Its a dire situation indeed when the husbands are doing more than us hahahaha! ;) I’ve been enjoying shaking up my body care this year too instead of sticking to only the same things. You have some wonderful sounding things here. That body wash, honey, oil…mmm it sounds absolutely lush xxx

    • Jenny says:

      That’s when you know you need to step up your game! ???? Having a variety of products definitely helps me from getting bored, which in turn helps me commit to my body care routine!

  20. Becky says:

    HAHAHA that’s exactly how i feel when i do full glam makeup on my face and it’s bright and even and when you look at my neck/decolette/arms it’s all dull and uneven!

    that body wash sounds delicious! i actually don’t use shower gel often anymore – i have perpetually dry skin and one day my bf suggested that i try *not* using shower gels or soaps unless i really need it. i’ve been doing that for about half a year and it’s been working like a charm! my skin only gets dry every 3rd or 4th shower. plus it also means i can spend a little more on my body wash/lotion and not feel too bad about it, haha.

    crabtree & evelyn is SO NICE. i used to use their hand creams a while back and they were just so luxurious – i actually prefer them to the loccitane ones! i’ve forgotten about them for a while though, gonna pick up a tube when i’m finished with my current hand cream!

    funnily enough i didn’t like the scent of creme de corps! maybe it was just a bad tester, but for me it was far too… heavy smelling? soap & glory is one of my favorites too, though i love their scrubs even more. i’m the same with you – i like having nice packaging and nice smelling things and using drugstore items just isn’t the same for me. totally is a first world problem, though :p

    becky @ star violet

    • Jenny says:

      Oh god I know! Thank goodness it’s winter now so most of my body is covered up anyways, haha! The honeyce shower gel has a cream version as well, and from what I remember that one smelled better (stronger), but was a bit too rich for Tokyo in humid June weather.

      I’ve never actually tried L’occitane products, and while I’ve always wanted to, I don’t feel like I’m missing out as much anymore, haha. I’m just glad C&E came out with new scents as some of their previous lines smelled like grandma ????

  21. élise says:

    that hand cream is too adorable! what is that packaging even!

    ugh, i’m so done with nivea. none of their stuff worked for me. i bought their lip balm, it didn’t work. tried their spray deodorant and it sucked so bad it made my armpit so wet (gross i know) and then i tried their cleansing milk which isn’t bad i still prefer my face shop green tea cleansing balm better. last but not least, i tried their nourishing lotion body milk, the one in blue bottle and it smelled so. damn. strong! like perfume level of strength that sting my nose! ugh, i can’t stand it — which sucks because i kind of like the texture. i gave up with nivea, lol. also for some reason, when i see nivea, i remember dove and feel like both of them are quite on the same level. i prefer dove so much more!

    i smelled soap and glory’s sugar crush line from sephora once and uh, it’s too sour for my liking, probably because of the lime. i like fresh, citrus scent but when i guess lime is too much. BUT, i do love their butter yourself body butter – it’s the perfect citrus scent for me! i still have their smoothie star body butter but i don’t use it that often because the scent becomes too much for me to bear…which is weird because when i first got it, i was kind of obsessed (it smells like cake and nothing else) but i guess S&G is like that – always so intense with their scent.

    my favorite body/skin moisturizers are the body shop’s almond milk & honey (both the lotion and the butter!), shea, satsuma and strawberry and innisfree’s cedarwood and peach hand cream. i recently discovered my love for St. Ives body lotion in orchid & coconut and is currently waiting for the Shea & Oatmeal one in the mail. i also like cetaphil’s daily lotion for baby lol it smells like baby powder and i oddly love it :P

    • Jenny says:

      Right?? Ugh I swear Korean brands get me every time with their cute packaging. The funny thing is I never use any of Nivea’s other products except for this brightening lotion, and only because it’s the only brightening body lotion I know of. This one isn’t heavily fragranced so maybe you won’t hate it as much? ???? Though it sounds like my preference for scents lean towards “the more fragranced the better”, so you might want to take my descriptions with a grain of salt ????

      The TBS Almond Milk + Honey products have been on my wishlist ever since they came out, but I’m like molasses when it comes to using body products, aka slow as fuck. Hopefully sometime next year I’ll finish off my current stash so I can justify buying new body care products!

  22. My bodycare routine is super simple, at least compared to my facial routine. I do try the odd PR sample, but without them I´d forever be stuck with my The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter, I have been using it for years now and rarely stray.

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

    • Jenny says:

      I actually tried The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter years (more than 10 now!) ago, but I remember it being really hard to scoop out of the jar, so I never repurchased :( Not sure if I got a bad batch but I do want to try TBS’ almond milk + honey range!

  23. Kya says:

    Thanks for sharing all of these products. It’s important to look after all of your skin, so it’s great you have made an effort. :D The Mini Pet hand cream is so adorable! :D

    • Jenny says:

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Korean brands really know how to lure us in with their packaging, haha, but I’m glad the hand cream wasn’t just some gimmicky product!

  24. Whitney says:

    When I was in New York I saw Rituals stores everywhere and I’m kinda regretting not getting anything! I got a sample of the kiehls Creme de Corps and that stuff is amazing in making winter skin super smooth!

  25. That Honeyece product sounds awesome! I love Soap & Glory products I’ve tried a couple of their face washes but I’ve never tried any body products. They have a lot of sets at Target for Xmas. I have a couple on my XMAS list! Thanks for sharing Jenny!

    Chanel | Je M’appelle Chanel

  26. Oh my goodness! I think I need to try out a few of this – I’m trying to figure out which one! If I can only pick up 2-3, which ones would you trying out recommend first?

    Stephanie |

    • Jenny says:

      Sorry for the super late reply, but of all these products I would recommend the Crabtree + Evelyn ones for just overall quality and usage experience! Plus they released several new scents, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that you love :) The Face Shop hand cream is also really nice if you’re looking for something cute, affordable, but still effective!

  27. I have to comment on the new post layout cause that the first thing I noticed. It’s really well organized and looks great Jenny! I have to say I use so many products on my face that I generally like to keep it simple with my body care. We did switch to clean beauty products a few years ago and to streamline the routine I actually share the same body wash and moisturizer with my husband. We’ve been using SheaMoisture African Black Soap Body Wash and Alba Botanica Very Emollient Unscented Body Lotion which we’re very happy with. I also use Profoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream and a revolving door of hand creams. I agree that scent and texture are key in body care and finding unscented products can be a challenge. My routine must be super boring to you LOL ;p I totally indulge and go all out when it comes to my weekly detox baths :D

    • Jenny says:

      Aww thank you Rowena! Haha, I swear my body care routine isn’t as complicated as it looks! I only try to use 1 moisturizing product at a time, so the variety is just there to keep me from getting bored of any single product too quickly :P Once I finish the Naruko souffle I’ll need to invest in a proper foot cream, so thank you for the recommendation!

  28. Mili says:

    One of my beauty resolutions was to be better with body care as well…and I haven’t really succeeded with that for the most part XD That’s such a good idea to use that naruko moisturizer that you didn’t like for your face, for your feet! Usually I use them on my chest/ arms but I think I’ll start using them on the rest of my body soon. It’s a win win since you use up products and the rest of your body is more moisturized! I love honey scents so I’ll have to pick up that body wash and the kiehl’s creme at some point ;)

    Mili | sharmtoaster

    • Jenny says:

      I feel like my feet gets neglected a lot, so I try to save the good stuff for it, haha! It’s honestly the fastest way to use up products I don’t like :P

  29. Sam says:

    Firstly, I love the new post layout! (not that the old one was bad) & about body care – I used to be the same way where I just used body wash, and that was it. But I really wanted to get through all my lotions and exfoliate my body, so I started taking better care. My skin is so smooth now! I’m actually leaning towards no scent in my lotions, just because I want to get through my perfumes, and I don’t like smelling like five contrasting things. However, I love scents for after my shower! I’ve been using the body butter from Pistache skincare and I LOVE it. It’s so buttery and smooth, but sinks in right away, and smells like pistachios!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • Jenny says:

      Aww thank you Sam! Haha, a small part of why I’m starting to take better care of my body is because I have products to use up as well, plus I feel like body care products always smell so good! For me my moisturizer’s scent always disappears a few minutes after applying it, so that’s probably why I’ve never had a problem with it conflicting with my perfume, but that’s a very valid point! Will need to check out Pistache skincare, their products sounds so lush and yummy! :D

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