Taiwan engagement photos from Sosi Studio

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Jina says:

    Beautiful pictures! You two are such an adorable couple. Wishing you lots of happiness!

  2. The photos turned out lovely, you both look great! :) I like how there’s a variety of locations and the styling of the photos.

  3. Amanda says:

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! I wish you luck selecting your favorite 60. 1000 is an insane number to narrow down from. If it helps any, I think the carousel one is absolutely perfect. ^-^

  4. Liv says:

    As I said before these photos are just lovely! You look really beautiful and I especially like the one where you two are cuddling in front of the window and the one with the carousel. If it were possible I wouldn’t let any of the photos go (even if I’ve only seen less than 10 out of 100, lol). I was a little surprised at how “natural” the photos are (they remind me of Kitty Gallannaugh’s photography) since so-called professionals are usually not very good at natural settings at all. Looks like you made a fantastic choice of studio!

  5. Melissa says:

    Wow so beautiful! I really love the photos! You two are so adorable together :) You both look fantastic!


  6. Agent Q says:

    Nice hearing back from you again. :D The first word that came out of my mind upon seeing your photos was “Heavenly.” Maybe it’s because due to the lighting, angle, setting, or the ethereal effect? And 1000 top-quality photos? Talk about paralysis of choice right there! Take your time selecting the top 60. I’m sure with your senses, you can’t go wrong. :)

  7. Cat says:

    Welcome back! Those photos are beautiful! You both look great and so happy :D I especially like how you have several different outfits and locations. 1000 photos is a lot! Good luck picking out only 60!

  8. ohnoesnancy says:

    Congratulations, Jenny! Hopefully you’ll recover from that jetlag soon. Your got yourself an amazing photographer because all of the pictures look so amazing! The poses, outfits, angles, and effects are so great *o*. Your dress looks amazing too! Is that the one you’re going to wear on the wedding day? I like how fluffy it is and that it follows you around too. Good luck with choosing the pictures!

  9. WOW, Jenny! I’m absolutely blown away by these. You both look fantastic! This type of photography is truly an art. Congrats on getting these in-hand, I know the anticipation is such a pain. I love how these have such a magical effect to them, absolutely beautiful. :)

  10. Welcome back and congratulations :) These pictures are amazing and you look beautiful – positively glowing!! That dress is absolutely divine and all the pictures and setting for the shot looks amazing :) Congratulations again Jenny!!

  11. Mai says:

    First of all, welcome back! Second, these photos look amazing and you look absolutely stunning *__*! I don’t know much about wedding/engagement photos but it seems like the studios in Asia definitely have a more romantic, magical style to them in contrast to the more minimal and realistic styles here. (Or at least what I’ve seen anyway.)

    It’s great that you’re happy with the photos. Good luck choosing your 60 :D

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