My favorite drugstore lipsticks

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Cori

    I love Revlon lip butters! I have two, one in Juicy Papaya, which is a lovely vivid coral, and a more muted but still bright Peach Parfait. I usually don’t use more than lip gloss, but these have been my go to colors since the weather has been warm. I’ll have to check out the L’oreal Colour Riche in Peach Fuzz, looks like the perfect kind of warm to which I’m drawn.

    • Jenny

      Juicy Papaya sounds like the perfect color for summer, I need to add that to my to-try list!

  • I too find the K family a bit annoying–& I LOVE the Strawberry Shortcake Lip Butter as well!! It is just amazing how lovely it looks. I have olive undertones and most colors of this nature make me look “off”–for a lack of a better word.

    I know you said that you stay on the safe side of make up. Did you ever venture into the bold territory? Like when you were young? It’d be interesting to see a post of young Jenny and her beauty regime.

    Kaleidoscopes & Polka Dots

    • Jenny

      Yes, it’s a shame they always make bright or baby pink lip colors cool-toned, it definitely makes us warm and olive-toned gals look washed out and “off” :(

      I did venture into the bold territory…when I was 12! I used to love blue eyeshadow, probably because the colors looked so pretty in the palette. But as I started to actually wear makeup, I’ve stuck to mostly neutrals. Love your post idea though, not sure if I’ll feature the blue eyeshadow (don’t want to scare anyone), but I’ll definitely add it to my list. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Cat

    Ooh, I haven’t tried any of these, but now I want to look into them :D I especially like the colors of the Peach Parfait and Candy Apple. Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    • Jenny

      Candy Apple would be a perfect color for the summer, it’s more of a bright red than a dark, sultry red :)

  • Alice

    revlon lip butters! i love revlon’s lip products. too bad they discontinued the lip butters :( i feel like i should have bought more…instead i only bought one which was the peach parfait. they only have the balm, matte and lacquer balm now, sigh. maybe it’s still available in other countries but here, it’s really really difficult to find the lip butter lineup :(
    (i really want the sugar frosting, yikes!)

    nevertheless, revlon’s colors are always so interesting that i can’t resist but to bulk-buy them… *guilty*

    do you collect MAC’s lipsticks too? i always enjoy seeing people’s collection of MAC’s lipsticks lol even if i can’t always afford it the way i do with revlon’s

    • Alice

      P.S: thank you for writing this post!! hahaha i actually forgot i was the one who suggested for this :o

    • Jenny

      Wait what? They discontinued them?? Why would they do that?? I hope they re-release something similar (or better) in the future! I think they still have them in the US, but it’s been a while since I visited my local drugstore.
      For some reason I never got into MAC lipsticks. They’re pricey, but in my opinion the packaging isn’t that pretty…haha. People do rave about them though!

  • Liv

    I own two lipsticks but would LOVE to own multiple colors if I could afford them, and $25 lipsticks are certainly not in my budget (which is why I own two that my mom gave me!). Thanks for posting this, I think I might try to get the lip butter! I get chapped lips easily which is why I had to invest in a cheap but good chapstick before these fancy schmancy products (maybe I will write about that hmm).

    Are some of those lipsticks an orange shade? How does that go with Asian skin? My friend recommended an orange shade for me but she is white and has fair skin.

    • Jenny

      Candy Apple is a bright red with a slight orange tint, and Peach Fuzz is more of a coral/salmon tone. Orange might be a bit too bright, but I think something like coral would work well – I personally really like coral tones, especially for the summer, and it works well with my skin tone :)

  • Christian Grace

    You should try Milani lip products! They’re amazing.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Christian! Is there a particular Milani lip product/color you recommend?

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