Review: Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

As a working gal, it’s important to me to be able to get ready quickly in the mornings, so I appreciate products that multitask and can save me time. Unfortunately most day moisturizers on the market now have laughably low SPF, so when I saw that the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recover contained SPF 50, I was immediately impressed. Quick look What is itBroad Spectrum moisturizer helps combat the appearance of skin aging. Help minimize the appearance of skin aging with this medium-weight, emollient daily moisturizer with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 How I use itIn the mornings after my serum. This product …

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Arnabh Chatterjee says:

    Can u please help me with an alternative to Dermalogica Age Smart Dynamic Skin Repair Spf50

  2. Foodie Force says:

    Dermalogica is a wonderful brand I really enjoy using many of their products. As someone with sensitive skin I have to be careful what I use. The fact that this has Spf built in this is definitely on the list to try Lucy x