4 Kiehl’s masks compared – which one is right for you?

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. becky says:

    aw, I was hoping your feelings about the calendula mask would change! despite having dry skin, the rare earth mask is one of my favorites for when my skin is feeling a little congested or for pesky period pimples – sometimes I overdo it on the moisturizers/serums so my skin feels a little clogged up/tender in mostly around my nose and cheeks ???? it’s like a good no-frills kinda clay mask that basically lasts almost forever.

    I’m with you on the turmeric and cranberry mask! it gave me a slight stinging sensation and while it wasn’t painful, it was bothersome enough. plus it was so hard to take off! my sister liked it a lot though, so I passed it off to her.

    also I’m not in the beauty blogging space as much anymore, but I always enjoy coming back to lurk on your blog/using it as a resource in general bc your skincare recs work well on me too! and have fun in italy!!

  2. Allie Mackin says:

    Ah great post. I do not like sheet masks. I have asthma and allergies and I have too many problems breathing when I wear them and I do not like how they feel. Just not for me. I like traditional masks so this is a great round to learn about. And yes I do the same thing a clay mask for jus the nose.

    Allie of

  3. Geniussr says:

    Haven’t tried any mask from this brand but heard much about it… I don’t think I would go for any of these masks but would love to try their serum… thanks for detailed review…❤️


  4. I haven’t tried any kiehl’s products yet but it’s a brand that has appealed to me for a while, especially their midnight recovery oil. All 4 of these face masks sound so awesome, especially the brightening face mask.


  5. Naya says:

    Such a lovely and detailed review, as always! I haven’t used any of these before, but heard that they should come out with an Avocado mask for dry skin which sounds nice. Enjoy your time in Italy Jenny! xx


  6. Sal UmmBaby says:

    Thank you so much for this very frank round-up of these masks. I have wanted the cilantro one and the turmeric one since they released them but for some reason this isn’t the brand I rush to buy. I probably will get the cilantro one for some overnight pampering after reading this but I can happily say it doesn’t sound like I’m missing out on anything with the rest xxx


  7. Laura says:

    I haven’t tried Khiel’s masks and while the two out of four sound very promising, I’m not sure they are very suitable for my skin type. I like wash-off masks that have antioxidant + pampering + hydrating properties, and that’s a hard mix haha. Have fun in Italy and eat lots of eggplant parmesan!

    xx Laura / Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

  8. Rowena says:

    The only one of these I’ve tried is the Rare Earth mask and it’s okay but I can’t say it blew me away. The Cilantro Orange mask has piqued my interest since I’m obsessed with all things anti-pollution lately. As much I like wash off masks, I’m just more devoted to sheet masks once the weather cools down and I have a rather massive stash I’m in the process of working down. Safe travels and enjoy your time in Italy Jenny!

  9. MissLaven says:

    The Cilantro Orange mask sounds like a great one for me. You will be surprised but I haven’t tried any products from Kiehls, apart from a sample sized jar of one of their creams. I love the comparison of these four masks! Thank you very much :)

  10. I don´t think I have tried any of the masks. To be fair, I haven´t tried much Kiehl´s in general (strange, now that I think of it). I will put the rare earth mask on my list.

    Enjoy your trip!

    Anne|Linda, Libra, Loca

  11. Hmm, doesn’t sound like any of these are worth the purchase for me. Thank you for the honest review, Jenny!

    • Jenny says:

      Yeah, unless you have combo skin with a pesky nose situation (aka me), none of their other masks were mind blowing. I’m especially surprised at the great reviews for the cranberry & turmeric mask, I don’t get its appeal at all!

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