The art of targeted skincare application

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Good tip. I only figured this out recently, too. ? The biggest difference has been in realizing I don’t need to put acids all over and that I should just entirely avoid my nose and sensitive areas. –Angela

  2. Cat L. says:

    Jenny, what a great post! Same here, when I first heard about mulit-masking thought it made so much sense. And now that I’m hearing about targeted skincare, I’m having a similar moment. How come I didn’t think of it before? Such an informative post, and what you mention resonates with me as well. I could see how serums and moisturizers, just like masks, could work differently on the face depending on hormonal changes, seasons, etc. Thus it makes perfect sense to mix and match. Great post Jenny and beautiful photos! Will be giving the multi-serum approach a try!

    ~ Cat L.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Cat! I would love to hear how you’ll incorporate a multi serum approach in your skincare routine and which products you’ll use! I feel like the more we experiment and try different techniques, the more we discover what works (or doesn’t work) with our skin ?

  3. Elisa says:

    oh, the joy of having combo skin and how “easy” it is to find a moisturizer for my skin~ *intense sarcasm intended*
    because i don’t use serum or essences or oils, my difficulty is to find the perfect moisturizer for my combo skin. i’m currently trying the innisfree green tea balancing line – lotion for day moisturizer and cream for night time. i don’t know if i actually like them, tbh. my cheeks are normal instead of dry so using moisturizer — whether it’s light or heavy — of any kind does not cause any breakout or turn my cheeks into a greasy hot mess. my T-zone, however, is extremely picky! i love the body shop’s seaweed clarifying night treatment; i remember slathering that product on my face and since it wasn’t cream-based (it’s gel-based), it didn’t cause my T-zone to break out or turn into a greasy mess in a matter of hours. unfortunately, when TBS didn’t have that in stock, idk what made me wanna try innisfree but i did. it’s not horrible, doesn’t cause breakout as far as i’ve been using it but gel based formula is soooo much better for combo skin than thick, cream formula…at least imo.

    i guess, in a way, i’m lucky that my cheeks aren’t dry because then light moisturizers do not dry out my cheeks and they work awesome on my T-zone. the naruko serum got me interested though! a serum that actually works in controlling sebum on the T-zone? yea, sign me up! sadly, there’s no naruko store here and i don’t like international shipping :(
    sigh, why are all the good products only available for international countries!? LOL

    i’ve always used my regular skincare products like this, but never my face mask… weird, huh. i tend to use lotion + moisturizer on my cheeks and sometimes only lotion or only moisturizer on my T-zone. but i never thought about combining 2 masks on different targeted spots! LOL WHY SELF.

    anyway, just a random thought since i believe asians tend to have combo skin… will you write a blog post that recommend moisturizers for combo skin from both drugstore and high end brands? that’d be interesting to know and beneficial for someone like me who can’t seem to find the right moisturizer right now.

    P.S: sorry for being such a blabbering mess lol your blog has turned me into a skincare enthusiast!

    • Jenny says:

      Gel moisturizers are definitely the way to go if you have oily or combination-normal skin. I used the Clinique Moisture Surge in the summer years ago and that was very refreshing, but as I get older I noticed my cheeks actually get drier, so I need something richer for that area.

      The naruko tea tree serum has tea tree oil + salicylic acid which are great for oily skin, but it also has some hydrating ingredients so it won’t strip your skin, hence a healthy balance.

      It looks like this place sells Naruko products: Or you can always try eBay!

      Thanks for the post idea! I haven’t shopped for drugstore products in a long time, but I can do some research and put together some products of all price ranges.

      And woohoo for a skincare enthusiast convert! ? Skincare is a fascinating subject because you’ll find that the more you learn about it, the less you realize you actually know!

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