Sustainable luxury fashion with The RealReal (and how you can earn $$$!)

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Heidi says:

    I don’t buy clothes much, just when I need new ones. I’m so bad at buying just because “hey that’s nice!”, so I usually don’t have much to donate or sell. But when I don get rid of clothes, I always donate them to somewhere. But that RealReal sounds so good with high end clothing! Sadly it doesn’t work in my country.

    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner

  2. Alyssa says:

    I actually try to be more sustainable as much as possible. I wish The RealReal is available in my country. But right now I embraced the minimalist lifestyle when it comes to clothes, I only buy what I need. And I stick to basics as much as possible so it’ll last more than just one season :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  3. This was a very helpful post. I really like to find good deals on quality items. I hadn’t heard of Real Real.


  4. Miki says:

    I love vintage and TheRealReal is a place I purchase from as well. Love your glittery heels. What a great find. :) Those are classic and you’ll be able to wear for ages!


  5. DaIndiaShop says:

    Wow… this footwear is beautiful…

  6. lesley kim says:

    I have never tried RealReal but I want to now!

  7. Thanks for this intro to the RealReal Jenny! I believe that sustainable fashion is really the way of the future or it should be. I’ve sold a bunch of stuff through Thredup but I’m still looking for a place to sell some of my designer pieces and this sounds like a solid option that I need to explore.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree Rowena! I do like that The RealReal tries to make the selling process as easy as possible, I’ve sold stuff on eBay before I knew about The RealReal and it can be a pain sometimes!

  8. Anika May says:

    This is so helpful, thanks for sharing these tips – loved reading through and learning :)

    Anika |

  9. Cat L. says:

    Jenny, we are twinning as I’m also a big fan of Real Real. My friend introduced me to the site last year and I’m on it pretty much every day now. Most of the days just browsing. I have my eyes on a camel Celine bag but it’s still out of my price range so I’m hoping it goes on sale, fingers crossed. I have tremendously enjoyed this post Jenny. Beautiful photos and gorgeous selections. Those Dolce shoes are stunning!

    ~ Cat L.

    • Jenny says:

      Aw yay Cat, and thank you for the kind comment!! For a while I was religiously following The RealReal daily as well, but have stopped since putting myself on a spending ban. Fingers crossed that the bag you want goes on sale soon, or that they have one of their big sales again!

  10. I love to buy pre-loved, but don´t have the time to spend as long as I used to browsing thrift shops. But I don´t buy much clothes anyway and I donate everything I no longer love, so I don´t feel as bad.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • Jenny says:

      Oh goodness I could spend all day thrift shopping, it really takes time to go through all the pieces! I don’t buy as much clothes either, and when I do it’s because it’s something I actually need rather than want.

  11. Sabiha says:

    Oh wow those D&G shoes are stunning – perfect for parties xx

  12. Mili says:

    I’ve repurposed some of my old clothing but it usually ends up as pajamas or donated lol. I’ll definitely click over to that site to see the 40 different ways to repurpose! I always assumed the pieces on the realreal were super crazy expensive but I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re reasonably priced! Well reasonably priced for luxury products lol

    Mili | sharmtoaster

    • Jenny says:

      Haha I wear my old t-shirts as pajamas as well! The RealReal seems to always have a 20% off code and frequent 30% off sales, but if you want you can wait for their 50% off sale which happen a few times a year! :D

  13. Samantha says:

    My sister used to go to consignment store all the time and give her clothes there, but I don’t have any high end stuff, so I stick with donating or more recently, selling on Depop. I try to buy from there as much as possible too, but sometimes I can’t find the things I want, so I end up turning to stores. Never really considered a consignment store though, so I’ll be sure to check it out and see what they have!

    Sam / My Beauty Cloud

    • Jenny says:

      It’s a bit like treasure hunting when you go, you never know when you’ll find something amazing! I’ve been wanting to try sites like Depop but it’s sometimes hard to judge the quality/size from the pictures they post, selling on there is a great idea though!

  14. Excellent post! I started becoming more aware of this when I started blogging. I’ve found some great items on eBay and I sell my clothes there as well. I’ve tailored down my wardrobe (goal capsule closet) and I really think about a garment before buying it.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you so much lovely! Before The RealReal eBay was my go to for preloved items and I found one of my favorite winter coats on there! I’m working towards a capsule wardrobe as well, it makes dressing up so much easier!

  15. Merel says:

    Thanks for introducing me to this! Really cool.

    X Merel

  16. Kay says:

    Such an important and inspiring post, hun! I personally don’t mind buying pre-loved clothes at all, a lot of the time they’re in perfect condition and you can get them for such a good price. I try to keep my wardrobe to a minimum anyway, as to be honest I am not huge on fashion and I prefer to keep a small amount. Thanks for sharing, lovely! xoxo


    • Jenny says:

      Thank you so much Kay! I agree, it’s much easier to dress when you don’t have as many options, plus it means less spendings and more savings for quality prices you’ll actually wear!

  17. I had no idea it was national consignment day yesterday! I love the mission behind your blog ;) Sustainable fashion is something we definitely need to start looking into as a society because the amount of waste from fast fashion is absolutely ridiculous!
    Great post :)

    • Jenny says:

      Aww thanks so much Lindsey! :) I had no idea how much waste the fashion industry produced and it definitely makes me more conscious of my shopping habits!

  18. We donate a lot; clothes, shoes, books, toys, you name it and we try our very best to donate or recycle. I am a huge supporter of buying second hand however hubby on the other hand is very strongly against it. He doesn’t like the idea of buying someone else’s crap or so to speak. He understand the whole environment factor but he is a supporter of buying and investing quality pieces that last us for decades instead of buying second hand. I guess/ hope we both are contributing in our own ways? LOL!

    • Jenny says:

      Yay, you go girl! I can see where your husband is coming from, as I feel the same way when I do buy brand new items. Either way, it’s less waste so it all works out! :D

  19. Camilla says:

    We’re on the same page, Jenny! Did you watch The True Cost on Netflix? It totally got me into secondhand clothing and some of my favorite pieces are from Goodwill! I once found a new with tags Madewell dress for $7, which I get compliments on constantly. I’ve never shopped on the Real Real but I may pick up something pretty for the holidays, so thank you for the referral link!

    Camilla ||

    • Jenny says:

      I did not, but I will now! One of my closest friends got me into secondhand clothing and it’s really amazing what great pieces you can find!
      I recommend their shoes and accessories department, especially during their frequent sales! I hope you find something you love! <3

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