Post-party SOS skincare routine

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • I totally understand that feeling (and the guilt that follows) if I don’t remove my makeup properly after a night out. Makeup wipes and oil-based cleansers are absolutely perfect for this kind of situation. It’s really good to see the steps broken out like this – I am super guilty of skipping #3, and 4 and will have to work on that!

    • Jenny

      Sometimes I get uber lazy and skip steps 3 & 4 (though God knows my skin needs it!), but the most important part is the cleaning, so as long as that’s done 99% of the guilt goes away :P

  • Emily

    I definitely feel the same way after a night out. I don’t have a quick night routine or a routine for the day after, but I wish I did! I normally just wake up, cleanse with Cetaphil, and if I’ve been out the night before, I exfoliate with St. Ive’s apricot scrub. I’m going to look into Garnier’s cleansing oil – thanks for the tips!

    • Jenny

      I love St. Ive’s apricot scrub, and I was super excited to hear that they came out with new variations of the scrub that have different fruits :)

  • Alice

    Once I reached home at twelve midnight and I got super lazy I wanted to just crash on the bed but Lol my mother didn’t let me…and so she forced me to wash the make up off with a cleanser to completely lift everything up. good point, of course but yeah really tiring to drag a heavy, groaning self.

    make up wipes is really convenient! but if i end up buying it, i think i’d rely on the wipes so frequently they’re gonna be finished before i knew it x___x i didn’t know you can use exfoliating toner to lift make up off too? (even though it’s not completely done)…skin care is so confusing i sometimes have no idea what to use -___- i only have exfoliating scrub and uh, can scrub prevents blackheads by the way? does the scrub works sort of like your mud mask?

    ugh wow i get confuse now LOL

    like i said, my skincare is only face wash, toner, moisturizer (i even skip this sometimes unless i’m using bb cream). exfoliating scrub sometimes, once or twice a week. sheet mask too, once or twice a week. and sometimes i use blackheads gel from etude house, but yea, that’s about it…? @__@

    • Jenny

      I thought I’d abuse makeup wipes at first but in the end I still prefer washing my face with my cleanser – makeup wipes just don’t seem to clean well enough.

      Toners can serve multiple purposes: hydrate, exfoliate, and in case you didn’t remove ALL your makeup, it help get rid of what you missed (which should be very little).

      It sounds like your scrub provides the same benefit as my mask, just in different ways. I don’t like using scrubs after a long night out because I feel like it can be too harsh for my skin, but that’s just personal preferences ;)

  • Carol

    I will definitely remove my makeup before sleeping no matter at 3am or 7am. Unless I’m terribly drunk, that I fall asleep on my bed while trying to change into my pjs- I actually dosed off 2hours before jerking up awake to clear off my zombie eyes and smudged foundation.

    I mainly use makeup wipes and then followed by Faceshop’s Rice foam cleanser. I know I should put some moisturizer, but I always end up not putting it and drop dead on my bed. I should definitely start trying out some oil cleansers too! But recently, I found this new lovely product from Sephora, eau micellaire make up remover. I thought that it’s pretty good. Just wipe off my whole face I’d feel that my face’s all clean. But I’d still clean my face again with the Faceshop Rice foam cleanser!

    • Jenny

      I don’t like putting moisturizer on after my lazy makeup-wipe routine (if you can even call it a routine) because I feel like I’m rubbing in all the dirt and grime into my face D:
      I’ve used micellaire/micellar water before (not from Sephora), and it does work quite well! I think it’s a good alternative for those who don’t like oil-based cleansers :)

  • Cat

    That’s smart to have a skincare routine for the day after XD When I’m out late, I also feel too lazy to do my usual routine before bed. I’ll at least quickly wash my face or use a make-up wipe. I don’t really have a special routine for the morning after, but this makes me want to have one now, haha.

    • Jenny

      I didn’t have one before either, but I sorta developed during college and found it worked quite well :P I always feel guilty abusing my skin the night before, so this is my way of making up for that, haha

  • MJ @

    Awesome post that I think most of us can relate too…! Sometimes I’m back home at 3 or 4am after a really long (fun) night and the last thing I want to do is wash my face. I can count on my hand the number of times I have passed out without washing it, and I always wake up to a horrific sight. (Skin bumps, tired skin, a blemish or two…)

    I now start keeping a small travel pack of natural facial wipes on hand. Removes all that stuff in a few seconds and then I jump onto my bed and sleep.

    • Jenny

      Great idea! I really should keep a travel pack of facial wipes as well, that way I can clean my face on the car ride back and plop down to bed as soon as I get home!

  • Bonnie

    I can relate, although I usually don’t like going to sleep without a shower! Nothing feels better than a cleanliness after a long night. That mud mask you mentioned looks really good (just by the packaging itself haha)!

    • Jenny

      I try to shower before bed as well, but when I can’t even wash my face, well, I might pass out in the shower if I tried! I agree that it does feel great plopping on your bed all clean after a long day :)
      That mud mask is one of the best I’ve tried, and though expensive, it lasts a ridiculous long time!

  • AnneMarie

    I can never go to bed without washing my face. I already suffer from horrible acne/acne scarring and crazy skin that if I miss a day, I feel breakouts coming right away. My skin isn’t what it used to be and currently, I can’t afford half the products I want to try. I definitely will look into some of your cheaper alternatives like the Queen Helene Masque because I’ve been looking for some good masks (preferably cheap ones).

    And I’ll look into all the products you use. By the way, what are the benefits to a cleansing oil? I’ve never heard of such a thing before but I’m assuming it’s different from other types of cleansers.

    • Jenny

      Cleansing oil is nice because it doesn’t strip your face of its natural oils like most cleansers, so your face doesn’t feel all tight and dry after you wash it. It also does a great job of removing makeup, so it’s like a 2-in one cleansing products. However, if you have skin that is prone to breakout I’m not sure if cleansing oil would be the best choice. If you’re able to get your hands on some free samples you should try them out before purchasing.

  • Melissa

    I think we’re all lazy sometimes especially late at night. Though I always try to clean my face before I go to bed. If I have cleaning wipes near me, I’ll try to use that too to clean up most of the dirt besides my foam, make up remover, etc etc… yet I tend to use a lot of water on my face to wash everything off.

    • Jenny

      Wow, sounds like you’re very diligent when it comes to removing makeup! I think it’s great that you make sure to wash everything off your face – soap residue can be just as bad as makeup for the skin.

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