Thank goodness the weather has finally warmed up, I’m ready to store away my winter clothes and bring out my summer outfits! This summer I’m really into bright colors and patterns. As I’m preparing my packing list to Vegas in August, I noticed that the pieces I’m bringing/buying all fall within this trend: Read More

One of my biggest gripes with applying foundation/bb cream is that no matter why type/brand I use, they always make my skin feel super dry :( On top of that, it feels like the product is just sitting on my face and overall it’s just not a pleasant feeling! This is the main reason why I don’t wear foundation much, but thanks to this new product, these problems are all gone! Read More

It’s May and it finally feels like spring! Goodbye heavy winter coats and bulky sweaters! Is it just me, or when the weather is nice and the sun is out, it just makes your whole day feel so much better? I wake up earlier, feel more productive, and life just feels better in general!  Read More

One of the many things I struggle with – my hair. It’s wavy in the most unruly way, thin, damaged, and frizzy. What happened to the Asian hair stereotype? Given my hair situation, it’s been difficult to find hair products that actually work for me. But after 26 years, I think I finally found them. Read More