Western vs. Asian beauty products – why I don’t discriminate

I recently joined the /r/asianbeauty on Reddit and it’s been amazing connecting with all these other skincare enthusiasts. As the name suggests, this Reddit sub focuses mainly on Asian beauty products, which y’all know I adore. However, I noticed that a few users there seem to be strongly against non-Asian beauty products, to the point where someone’s comment about Western products got down voted to the negatives. Yikes. CONTINUE READING

December 7, 2015 • Beauty, Skin Care16 Comments

Rice Force Deep Moisture series review + giveaway!

My grandma is 97 years old, and asides from dark spots and some wrinkles, her skin is really soft and smooth. She shared her skincare secret with me once: everytime she washes rice, she saves the leftover water to wash her face. That’s it. So simple, but it works, and after incorporating the Rice Force Deep Moisture series in my skincare routine, I can vouch for it too.  CONTINUE READING

November 30, 2015 • Beauty, Reviews, Skin Care4 Comments

Diet tips for aging well

Aging is often feared because of the deterioration in physical and mental health that is associated with it. Yes, it is inevitable, but don’t let that make you anxious and add to your grays! Fortunately, there are several tips to age well, many of which hinge on your diet. That means eating healthy and fresh food, and not giving up everything you love. After all, food is meant to make you happy too.  CONTINUE READING

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