A winter skincare routine – 8 affordable beauty products for the cold weather

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Linda Libra Loca

    I will have a video on this topic up the week after next, and I agree with everything you said. Even my oily skin needs richer moisturizers and oils in winter.

    Anne – Linda, Libra, Loca


    Eco Tools is very affordable. Yes, for the cold months I do usually change my skincare regimen. It’s also extremely important because I travel a lot for work I have to constantly stay on top of things for different climates/environments. I want all of these! :)

  • Rowena @ rolala loves

    Proper moisturization is so important especially during the winter months. I’ve been trying to protect and build up my skin’s moisture barrier to prepare for this. I haven’t shopped at iHerb before but a friend of mine totally swears by that site. I have the Huxley Secret of Sahara Oil Essence but I haven’t opened it yet. My current must have is Weleda Skin Food. I use it on everything :)

  • Shireen L. Platt

    I couldn’t agree more about CeraVe cleanser, it’s definitely not fancy but it’s works amazingly well. I much prefer the original Klairs Sipple Toner too, like you I find it to be way better and more hydrating.

  • Alyssa

    I do love that klairs toner, but the unscented one ^^, and I’m always curious about the Pixi Mist, it sounds really good.

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  • Kinga

    Nice routine ❀

  • Maria

    I always feel like it’s so hard to find products that won’t break the bank! Definitely going to check these out.

    xx Maria

  • Mel Hwang

    Ahhhh! Winter skincare is so important! I’ve never tried these products but definitely want to :)

    xx, mel

  • Geniussr

    Thanks for sharing this post… got an idea of many reasonable prized but amazing products… I already see some of my trusted products like CeraVe cleanser and Klairs toner… ❀️

  • Kelsey Bang

    what a fun post! lots of great items!

  • melody

    very necessary for keeping our skin hydrated.

  • Gabrielle

    I always forget to distinguish between my warm weather and winter skincare routines.. and suffer the consequences of doing so, haha! I’ll definitely take up your suggestion of dry brushing :)

    aglassofice.com x

  • Megan

    Andalou Naturals has some pretty amazing products.

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