What’s in my bag – version 2

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Amber

    I always love reading your posts about what is in your bags. Unfortunately, mine is not too fancy and sometimes really messy so I don’t think you would like to see mine. However, I do love reading about others. It is so much fun to see what types of bags people carry and what objects are inside. It kind of makes us wonder if we carry similar things.

  • Lucy

    I enjoy reading these. In the UK you have to carry a umbrella all the time you never know when the weather will change. Beautiful bag and purse. The sheep makeup bag is so cute and what a talented mother Lucy x

  • Awh you have a lovely blog! :) And you’ve got a really beautiful bag!
    I get so nosey and I love seeing inside peoples bags on these sorts of posts…
    I agree Lucy! I the UK we definitely always need to take our umbrellas everywhere…the weather here is so changeable!
    Have a lovely day :D xoxo


  • Cat

    I like the “what’s in my bag” posts too :) I’ve done it twice before and have been meaning to do it again since I carry different things now.

    I’m the same way about my iPhone! I wish I wasn’t so dependent on it, but it’s too useful to leave behind. I love your wallet, and bringing around a scarf is a good idea. The bag your mom made you is adorable! That’s awesome that she’s able to make things like that :D

  • Carol G

    Weehee, i love such posts! I’d like to do it again some time soon!

    Your beige YSL classic looks fabulous. You sure do carry a lot in your bag though! I love big bags, but I’d still try
    minimize what ever i bring out. Is that Dior Lip Glow that good? I’m hearing a lot of people raving about it.

    I stopped using blotting paper quite some time ago. I found some explanation that even though it helps to clear the shine on your face after one long day, apparently blotting would dry out your face a lot too. Plus my skin has been behaving weirdly these days, flaking and shine -___- so i stick to tissues instead :) Yet I never carry tissues in my bag, haha

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