Enlightening the senses – Voluspa candles review

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love Voluspa!! I have a hard time buying any other brand. Is the ceramic style new? I haven’t seen these yet!

  2. Liv says:

    WOWWWW THESE ARE STUNNING!!!!! I’ve never seen candles designed so elegantly before!! When it comes to candles, I would like floral scents. They just are so calming! Also, I love the redesign of your review tab. It’s so neat and clean and so much pink!

    • Jenny Wu says:

      I agree, floral scents are quickly becoming my new favorites as well! So glad to hear you like the new review tab! I’m always tweaking things here and there, so it’s awesome that you noticed the change :D

  3. Cat says:

    Those candles are so pretty! I love the designs on them. That’s too bad the macarons one was your least favorite because I like the design on that one the most. The Peches & Creme one sounds so nice! I’ve been wanting to get nicer candles for home decor, so I may check these out :)

    • Jenny Wu says:

      I know! My favorite design was the macaron one as well, but the scent just isn’t what I had hoped for. Maybe I got a bad batch? People seem to rave about this scent from the reviews I’ve read :(