The Sephora VIB Sale Roundup – what to buy and how to shop smartly

Do you get overwhelmed during sales and want to buy everything? I’m sharing my tips on how to shop efficiently + effectively, plus my Sephora must-haves!

Author: Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Elisa says:

    ah sephora, the perfect candy land for beauty junkie (even though not every single one of them is worth the splurge – that’s why we have dupes and sometimes, dupes work better! LOL)

    i have never tried the original beauty blender but i’ve been using the masami shuko one and it’s not too bad. it’s not the cheapest thing as well even though it’s sold in drugstores but yeah, i think the original beauty blender would have cost me so much more.
    i’ve also heard sooo many good things about the tatcha dewy mist! i wonder if it will turn a combo / oily skin into looking like a greasy hot dog since it’s for hydrating and dewy effect. i love the packaging though :D

    omg all those luxurious skincare products! *o* do you know about drunk elephant’s skincare products? one of my fav youtubers swear by their glycolic night serum but drunk elephant is crazy expensive haha then again, it’s a luxurious brand. psst, the glycolic night serum has such an adorable packaging :P

    i used to think that everyone has to at least have one urban decay naked palette if they want to splurge and have a lifetime eyeshadow palette haha. but nowadays, i’m not sure anymore because i’ve seen some people saying that they like the lorac pro more than the naked palette, some of them also say that the lorac pro palettes work slightly , if not better than the urban decay’s. eek, i want a lorac pro palette now hahaha

    the YSL rouge lipstick has such lovely range of colors! they are in my “if i have the cash, i’d buy these” list, alongside some chanel rouge coco shine hahaha

    this is such a great list! :D

    • Jenny says:

      Yay, glad you liked the list! Haha, it really is candy land for me, I always lose track of time when I visit :P

      The Tatcha Dewy Mist definitely doesn’t make you oily, it’s still a very lightweight mist, but I find it more hydrating than most mists which just feel like water. Plus it seems to work very well when applied before and after makeup to help hold and set!

      I have heard of Drunk Elephant and they’re on my list of brands to try, but like you said, they are on the pricier side. I’m on the fence about glycolic acid because it’s not as gentle as mandelic acid, but then it’s not as effective as retinol, which I use in my Curology prescription. Personal preference though, as I know many people find glycolic acid very effective and more readily available.

      I have heard quite a bit about the Lorac palette, but because I have my Naked palette, I’ve never felt the need to buy another one. I can’t speak to the Lorac palette and how it compares to Naked, but I’m open to trying it out when (and if) I finish my Naked palette!

  2. Cat L. says:

    Jenny this is my kind of post! I am the type who plans in advance for the Sephora Sale, beauty addict issues I know, and I review and revise my list every other day pretty much. I found myself nodding along as I was reading your suggestions and wish list, as most of those items were on my list as well. Thank you also for sharing your tips on how to shop smartly. I could definitely use some of those points!

    ~ Cat L.

    • Jenny says:

      Thank you Cat, glad my tips can help! The Sephora sale is definitely one that requires advance planning because the selections are just so overwhelming! It doesn’t help that Sephora keeps adding new items to the store as well, and things I want are going out of stock, so I find myself having to making adjustments as I plan :P

  3. Great picks Jenny!! I picked up a few things myself, but not as much as I did in previous years! I was surprised that regular BI memebrs are excluded from this promo this year!

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks Stephanie! I’m shocked too, and feel a little bad for them :( But I heard Sephora is sending out gift certificates later in December, so at least they’ll get that!