The search for my HG hair products – nuNAAT

I think the search for holy grail products is a journey every girl goes on, whether it’s skincare, beauty, or hair related. For me, the search for my HG hair products has been the most difficult – of the many products I’ve tried, only a few are even worth mentioning, hence my search continues. 

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to try out a line of hair products from nuNAAT, and based on my thinning, damaged hair, I chose the NAAT Treatment Repair Care with Açai Berry and Keratin line.

nuNAAT 1

From left: hair mask, shampoo, leave-in treatment, and conditioner

This line claims to reverse the affects of age and combat hair loss, thanks to its potent ingredients:

  • Acai berry
  • Vitamins A, B1, C, and E
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein
All 4 products have the  same scent, which reminds me of a berry yogurt protein smoothie, and it’s very light. I can see people liking this light scent, but I’m personally not a fan. However, scent is the last of my concern when it comes to my search ;)


At first I didn’t notice anything special about it, but then I started to see less hair fallout when I shampooed. While I do notice some buildup with this, it’s nothing that a weekly clarifying shampoo can’t solve. However, after using it for almost 2 months, I still ended up switching shampoos, only because my hair tends to “get used to” shampoos after a while.
Price: $7.91 on Amazon


I’m not a fan of conditioners in general because they’re never rich enough for my damaged hair. However, to test out this line, I actually only used this after shampooing, and I was pleasantly surprised by its moisturizing abilities. It doesn’t give my hair that smooth & slick feeling in the shower, but I do notice it after my hair dries.

Intensive Hair Mask

Now we’re talking. At first I was disappointed in how thin this mask felt – it’s very yogurt like – not thick or creamy. However, after using this for just for 5 minutes, I definitely noticed that my hair was softer and more moisturized. I’ve actually been using this in place of the conditioner every timer I shower now, and my damaged hair is loving it! :D
nuNAAT 2

looks and feels like blueberry yogurt!


Leave-in Treatment

This has a richer consistency compared to the hair mask, but nothing too heavy that’d weigh down your hair. Unfortunately I didn’t notice any significant improvements in my hair after using this, as it’s rather comparable to other leave-in treatments I’ve used. On top of its mediocrity, the packaging for this product was just awful. It’s extremely difficult to squeeze out, and I actually ended up squeezing so hard that the side of the bottle cracked:
nuNAAT 3

Proof of poor product design

In the history of products, I don’t think I’ve ever had this happen to me before. So  now I have to screw open the cap every time I use it, which ironically is much more convenient.

Final Verdict

I’m would repurchase the hair mask once I finish it, not to use as a hair mask, but as a conditioner. $11 for 17.6 oz worth of product is a great deal, and I wouldn’t feel bad about using it every time :D I might repurchase the shampoo because I do like how my hair reacts to it, but it’s definitely no HG product.

As for the conditioner and leave-in, I’ll pass on those. For the price, I think there are definitely better products out there. The hair mask is a better alternative for the conditioner IMO.

Hope you all enjoyed this series, I’ll be posting more hair product reviews in the future!


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