Posh Reads – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Tara

    Sounds like a great book! I think that’s a great question to ask whether something will bring you joy or not. I’ll be honest in that Georgie at hey.georgie.nu has been inspiring me to try and de-clutter to some degree LOL. I can’t say I’ve succeeded a lot, but it’s a start! At least I’ve tried to tone my buying habits to only getting practical things I need . . . sort of. I don’t really need video games, Blu-rays, animes, mangas, and books, but at least I’m only trying to get the ones I really want! ^^;

    • Jenny

      That’s a good rule to follow too, only buying things you actually need, but every once in a while I think it’s still nice to indulge in your guilty pleasures :P

  • Pauline

    Ugh I totally know what you mean! I’m such a hoarder for stuff too – beauty products, clothes, shoes, bags EVERYTHING. Books and video games… It sounds like a book I need in my life xD

    • Jenny

      Hoarding is definitely easier than throwing things away, but trust me, you’ll feel so liberated once you go through with it! My bathroom has become one of my favorite places in the house now that it’s cleaned up xD

  • Chic And Alluring

    I love that book! It has really helped me narrow down my closet, which is now filled only with what I’d look forward to wearing each time. <3 This book, combined with another book on the French method of creating a "capsule wardrobe," have really helped me simplify my life (yet somehow make it more fabulous, haha). It's called "Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I learned While Living in Paris."

    • Jenny

      Yes, my closet is definitely the place I want to tackle next, just waiting for a free weekend where I can focus on this task! I’ve heard of the capsule wardrobe, but I would love to read more on it! Thank you so much for sharing that book!

  • Keisha

    This seems to be a fabulous organizational book. I’m not much of a hoarder, I can throw things away with ease…except makeup. I tend to hang on to makep as I hate to throw away unfinished products. I like the idea of asking youreslf If the purchase your contemplating will bring you joy. Thanks so much for sharing this.

    Keisha xo

    • Jenny

      Ack, I’m the same with makeup and just beauty products in general (hence the boxes from my bathroom linen closet), it’s terrible. This book has made me more aware of my bad habit though, which is great :)

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