A mask for dehydrated skin? The Keana Nadeshiko Rice Mask review

Written by Jenny Wu
Jenny Wu

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  1. Alice B says:

    for some reason, i still can’t distinguish if i have dehydrated skin or not. i know my skin is of combo type but i used to use face wash for oily skin (before i knew about dehydrated skin) and then i thought, hey maybe i have dehydrated skin because those face wash for oily skin might strip my skin! so yeah, now i use a daily pore cleanser during the day and one with hyaluronic acid one at night just in case.

    anyway, the packaging of this sheet mask is adorable haha. japanese products always have adorable branding, don’t they… i never saw this here so i had no idea until you mentioned it. i love sheet masks though but i only use them rarely and frequently opt for my clay mask in a jar more since sheet masks are pretty…costly here.

    • Jenny says:

      It’s definitely tough to distinguish dehydrated skin, but not stripping your skin of all its oil is a good practice, regardless of skin type :) I would actually switch the 2 cleansers you’re using, since it sounds like the pore cleanser has more cleansing power than the hyaluronic acid one. Some people even recommend just washing your face with water in the morning!

      Japanese products do have really cute and creative packaging. They also tend to be more affordable because they package multiple sheet masks in one bag/box, rather than packaging them individually.

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