The hunt for my perfect wedding venue begins

According the the wedding planning timeline, you should start looking for wedding venues 12 months before your date. Since we had preemptively set our date for September 2014, I was taking my time. But of all people, my fiance asked, “Isn’t it time to start looking for venues for our wedding?” Maybe it was a good idea he asked, because after some researching, I found:

  • September is a very popular month for weddings
  • Popular month = more expensive
  • DC venues are expensive in general ;_;

So now we’re looking at August 2014, which means my planning time just got cut by 1 month! And boy when I get into planning, I go all out:

  • Gmail labels for all wedding related emails
  • Google drive folders setup for all related documents
  • Google Documents to track the expenses, guest lists, and just random notes
  • Google maps to list out all the potential locations

Finally based on prices and images I found online, we decided to pay the following venues a visit this past Saturday:

Our Wedding Venues - Google Maps Engine is amazing for figuring out location logistics

Our Wedding Venues – Google Maps Engine is amazing for figuring out location logistics

The Willard and Mandarin Oriental were a spur of the moment decisions – my fiance figured we were in the area and may as well stop by. Lucky for us hotels love engaged couples and both were more than happy to call a manager to show us around.

Despite the scorching heat, we had an extremely productive day. I think we might have found our venue, and now we’re just hoping they’re willing to work with us and our budget ;)


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