Your affordable + cute stationery destination: Aliexpress

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Katie Louise Clark

    Awh now I really want to go out and buy stationary! I swear regardless of how much I buy…I always want more!

    • Jenny

      It doesn’t help that these stationary companies keep coming out with new patterns/designs to lure us! D:

  • Stephanie | theFantasia

    WASHI TAPE!? Stop the presses! I’m dying to order a whole bunch of these stuff but I’m a little afraid based on the reviews that said they’re not so reliable when it comes to shipping :(

    • Jenny

      I know that feeling, I was very hesitant at first too! I would try to find a seller that has a lot of reviews and a high satisfaction rating, and then maybe order 1 item from them first. If that works out, you can always order more later :)

  • Lux

    these are pretty things to collect! so posh!

  • Foodie Force

    I love stationary, sticker, tape and stamps. Personalising books and files is something I love to do. These all look lovely Lucy x

    • Jenny

      I love personalizing my planner, it beats buying the predesigned kind in the stores, and I find the process therapeutic, haha!

  • Cat

    I loved collecting cute stationary when I was young too! I had to have a cute planner every year, and I bought way more notebooks and stickers than I needed. I had never heard of Aliexpress before. You got so much for under $20! For the price, those don’t sound like deal breakers to me either. That’s great that you found it and had a good experience overall :)

  • Alice B

    this post reminds me of what I used to do when I was in high school! ahhh the excitement of buying new stationary was always so demanding. but now that i’m in college and a design student, i don’t write much and i don’t even sketch much because my program is all things media, screen and digital ^^;;

    i sometimes miss writing though. i miss the time when i was in school and i wrote so much especially for story writing to the point where my finger had this calluses for gripping the pen too hard haha

    stationary nowadays are expensive :( especially those from Pilot brand which happens to be my favorite :(
    the same for cute notebooks. and my problem with cute note/sketchbook is that i always, ALWAYS wanna buy them and i make stupid excuses like “oh i’m gonna use you for _____” but i end up not using them at all because they’re too cute and i’m like “what if the pages run out– ah, they’re too cute to be wasteddd” i’m so fickle haha

    oh my god the stickers *o* i want!! though i don’t know what i’m gonna use it for, heh.. my cousin is an addict for cute stationary too and she always buy stickers like yours haha she’s weak for those. i can still tolerate and hold myself back from purchasing them.

    there are a few stores in here that sells goods like these. well, not stationary like pens and pencils but they have colorful washi tapes and cute papers and stuff, the kind of materials people usually put on scrapbooks, including the glitters and stuff. really expensive though -___-;;

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