Sephora VIB sale wishlist

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • AMber

    I so wish I was a VIB member, but I believe my husband would hate me. I always have a cart full of things, and right now my cart is over $200. I think my husband would blow a gasket if he saw that.

    I look forward to hearing what you say about some of the products you want to get. I seem some similarities that I would like to get also.

    • Jenny

      I think if you buy a bit here and there it’s not too hard to get to VIB status. I’ve made several purchases at Sephora this past year, but I don’t think any order was over $100. Will definitely do some reviews once I order and receive the products!

  • Priyanka

    Super cool wish list. I am eager to have Born this way foundation and origins nightamins in this sale.
    happy weekend and shopping :-)

    • Jenny

      Thank you Priyanka! Hope you were able to get those 2 items during the sale! I know a couple things I was eyeing were out of stock :(

  • Deborah

    Oh, number 8! I have the trial sample of this and while I was initially meh about it, I’ve grown to really enjoy using it. Although I can’t use Missha’s FTE due to my skin hating niacinamide, I use other first essences and I can say whole-heartedly that this cannot replace a FTE. It doesn’t have the unf they do!

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