Recent empties #2 feat. Missha & Herbal Essence

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Tara

    I’ve been wondering about that Missha ampoule, so thanks for the mini-review on it! I just recently started using Missha’s sunblock with essence, and I’m liking that a lot! I may look into more of Missha products in the future :3

  • caroline

    I love your mini reviews of each product! I think the trouble with any Vitamin C based product is that it has to be really concentrated, otherwise it just doesn’t have the potency to really work.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Caroline! The thing is that vitamin C serum had a concentration of 21.5%, which is pretty high, so I had high expectations! oh well :(

      • caroline

        Oh that is high… you’re right. That’s too bad. I always get so disappointed when I’m expecting a product to be fantastic and then it’s not….

  • shellie

    I was on the 2nd bottle of the Missha ampoule but have stop using it for a while. I do like it but like you, I don’t think it does anything for me.

    I am using ponds b3 clarant for spots and am surprised that it actually help fade my spots more than others. They’re not gone but much lighter so I’m pleased. I bought the small trial container and then went for the big jars. ^_^

    • Jenny

      Thanks for the recommendation Shellie! I need to look into this product!

  • Liv

    I used a charcoal cleansing product but I felt it made my skin worse! Maybe I was using it too much? I really need to find a good daily cleanser since most of my products should only be used three times a week and I end up alternating. :(

    As for dark spots I once tried a serum too and it did nothing, but water itself did wonders! I just try to live with mine, cover them up a bit with color control cream! :)

    • Jenny

      Eep, maybe it’s something else in the product? The charcoal jelly mask had only a few simple ingredients, so maybe that’s why? I really like the CeraVe cleansers – they’re really gentle, cleans well, and are really cheap!

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