Recent accessory obsession: bracelets

Ok, so maybe this wasn’t a recent obsession, but I have been finding myself wearing bracelets more often nowadays. In the past I’d only wear one bracelet at a time, but quickly that look got old…and boring :P It’s always more fun when you layer pieces, no? 

mixing & matching bracelets

Mixing and matching bracelets to create unique styles

The more I started mixing and matching my jewelry, the more I realized, you don’t need a lot of different pieces to create different looks! I switched out one piece from the ensemble above, and now I have something a little less dainty, a little more edgy:

I switched the pink & silver charm bracelet for the flower beaded bracelet

I switched the pink & silver charm bracelet for the flower beaded bracelet

The second thing I learned is when it comes to layering, costume jewelry plays much better with each other than expensive pieces, not to mention they’re much more affordable. One of my favorite places to shop for those pieces is Old Navy – they have some seriously cute jewelry!

Lastly, and probably irrelevant, is that I still prefer silver jewellery to gold jewelry. I’ve definitely been more open to the latter now, and even accumulated a few pieces, but I just find silver jewelry much easier to match with my clothes :P

What recent accessory obsessions do you have? Are you a fan of mixing and matching jewelry? Do let me know :)


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