Popsugar Must Have Box review – September 2016 edition

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Stephanie L

    I’m not the biggest fan of beauty subscription boxes – the notion behind it is thoughtful but I always like to know what I’m getting! I’ve seen the PopSugar box several times in the past – I’ve always found that even though it’s on the more expensive side, it has more recognizable brands that are worth the value!

    BTW, I love the hat! SO perfect for the Fall season!

    • Jenny

      Thank you! The hat is definitely my favorite piece in the box :D
      I agree with you on most subscription boxes, and my problem is that a small sample is hardly enough to really test out a product, especially skincare products. And then there’s the issue where you end up with mostly no-name brands :\

  • Michelle

    Not the biggest fan of beauty boxes because I’m so lazy about beautifying me, but I might reconsider.

    You look so good and your kitty looked so happy. Cats love boxes. Why? I don’t know. They are too cute!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Michelle! You know, then beauty boxes might just be perfect for you because you don’t have to put any effort into figuring out which products to buy – you get a curated selection shipped to you every month! :P

      Cats are silly like that. I used to buy toys for my cats, but they’d ignore the toy and play with the box/plastic wrapping it came in. I think they just like hiding and small places :P

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