OOTD: Gold and green for spring

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Silk tops are totally perfect to transition between seasons while looking classsy and totally put together! I really love the combination of the light green of the scarf and soft blush flats :)

  • Agent Q

    I think the amount of OOTD entries you post is pretty good. It’s good learning a thing or two about your creative approach to fashion without going overboard. Not too much, not too little. Everything is just right. :)

    Too bad none of this will be as suitable in Texas anymore, but it’s perfect for fall or spring. I tend to stay away from long sleeves and pants nowadays due to the heat, but fabric matters. Silk over polyester’s a wise move since [like you said] the former keeps your neck [or wherever’s covered] warm. Love the color combination too! Lookin’ fresh. :D

  • Melissa

    Oh I really love your look! It looks so beautiful! :) You really should continue with posting these OOTD’s.


  • Cat

    I agree. I’ve been loving the weather lately! Though for us, it’s resembling summer already, haha.

    Your outfit looks pretty! I love the combination of green and gold. The little bows on your flats are a cute touch too. I personally don’t get tired of your OOTD posts because I really like the outfits you put together :) I think it’s a good amount!

  • Alice B

    sigh, i wish i can use long coats and boots and winter wear :P this is how it always goes; friends who live in countries with 4 season are glad winter is over while i wish i live in a cold place/country (canada sounds great! but my wallet sounds very bad and poor haha)

    since there’s only warm and rainy season here, i wish it rains everyday instead :)) the planet is too warm x(

    you remind me of my mom a lot. she’s such a scarf freak! she always finds reasons to buy scarves…she even brings one every time we’re watching in the cinema -___-;; (ze woman is very afraid of cold,apparently haha) then again everyone has a fetish and for me it’s the shoes above anything else lol

    i think OOTD posts are good and you should do more of it. i’m so lazy to do any for myself because i think i dress either a) weirdly or b) too boring and i don’t have a tripod so…. no big space in the room either for full body mirror shot :P even if your style isn’t one i’d go for (duh, age gap! what am i saying), i think it’s elegant and neat and nice to look at :) so keep doing it!

  • Carol G

    I loveeee scarves! and omg! I’ve been looking for a scarf hook, and can’t seem to find any available in France. Where did you find them? Any recommendations online?

    Yeah, you’re totally right! I love the sun! It’s like a happy energy that motivates you to do something ;D Though I love the warm weather, but sometime I do like to wear sweaters and thick coats! I’m glad that I’m living in a 4 season country ;)

  • lou francesca

    love this outfit! especially your scarf X


  • Liv

    GASP! A trip to Taiwan without buying clothes?! Haha just kidding. You prob had so much more in mind, like those lovely engagement photos.

    Is this outfit for work? It’s so cute! The only thing I have against silk tops is that they do not help against air conditioning, which people turn on the second it’s warm enough outside to wear them. =(

  • Holly

    Such a cute outfit. :) I wish I owned a Loui Vuitton. :P

  • Tess

    Love your outfit!! I second that I am happy spring is here! Dido that we are getting quite a bit of rain. Late May rain I suppose. That is such a great idea for your scarf to be looped through a statement right. I have a ton of those but never thought to use it in this manner. Thanks for the tip! :P

  • Michelle

    I wish it would snow, but alas, it won’t, but I love the outfit!

    • Jenny Wu

      Thank you Michelle! :) Snow is pretty to look at, but not very fun to shovel or drive in!

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