OOTD: For brunch we wear white

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Sophie

    This is such a gorgeous outfit! I love all the accessories especially the gold necklaces


    • Jenny

      Thank you Sophie! The gold necklace is my favorite piece as well :D

  • Sachie

    Gorgeous outfit! The dress looks so pretty on you!

  • Cat

    I love that white dress and its material! It looks perfect for the summer :) I really like the belt and necklace that you matched it with too. That’s a cool design on the necklace. This outfit looks great!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Cat! Chiffon really is the perfect material for summer!

  • Michelle

    Cute outfit! ^^

  • Liv

    SO BEAUTIFUL. THAT DRESS. I’ve been shopping for a white dress for a certain occasion that’s gonna occur later this summer and have had no luck. Everything is always lacy or too long, etc etc etc.

    I’ve been doing the same thing with my brown notchless belt! + I absolutely love that necklace and the cute little earring.

    Does your workplace require a t-shirt and jeans? O_o I don’t like wearing that to work simply because I work in the Financial District in Manhattan and I’m already underdressed as it is by wearing my favorite tops or dresses.

    • Jenny

      Thanks Liv! I actually bought it from the junior department in Nordstrom – the clothes there fit me better than those in the women’s department :P

      My workplace is super casual, so I’m pretty much in jeans all week long. I would love to dress up but I’m too lazy, and no one around here really dresses up for work :/ Maybe instead of jeans you can wear skirts or dress pants? I think a business casual look would be a good balance, or if you need to, you can always add a blazer to your outfit to up the dressiness factory!

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