OOTD: Black x Red x Black

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Emily

    Love this look! I love dressing down blazers, but I always have a hard time making them look casual. That hand bag is so perfect, too!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Emily! If I wanted to make it even more casual I would’ve worn skinny jeans, which also go great with blazers :)

  • Tina

    Looking good! The bag is an LV of course it’s a star! (????)? .*?

    I think the boots compliment the outfit really well, while the shirt makes it a bit casual. The little bracelet is such a nice, small touch!

    • Jenny

      Haha, yes, whenever I use that bag it’s always the star of the outfit :P I would’ve worn some black heels, but it was so cold that day I opted for boots.

  • Agent Q

    Ohh what an interesting concept! I never even considered using blazers with a casual t-shirt underneath. I’d just have to be careful to not make the blazer too large. It would probably look better for it to be relatively tighter/smaller, just so that it would not overshadow the casual top. Also, the color of the jeans could make the overall outfit casual or semi-casual. For the latter effect, blue jeans might not go too well.

    I really love your senses. They aren’t overly outlandish for my taste, and can be combined with any sort of attires I currently own.

    • Jenny

      Thank you! I try to keep my outfits interesting without going overboard – DC isn’t the most fashion forward city so I definitely don’t want to get any weird looks from anyone :P
      I have some less fitted blazers that I wear, and that makes the look even more casual IMO. But the material isn’t too thick and it’s still nipped at the waist, so it doesn’t look too boxy and stuffy. I agree that the color of the jeans is key to how casual you want the look to be – light blue would work well if the blazer was another color (grey perhaps?) and more relaxed.

  • Shar

    WOW!! I love how you do that!! I love how even the simplest casual look can look so good!! If I could pull off that look all the time, I would be wearing it for work because it looks so good!! I need to get me a nice blazer. I have one but it’s a little tight. Once I start losing more weight, I am sooo going to try and spend a whole day just putting together outfits.

    I love your sense of style. It looks great and so do-able for people like me who had these items and know that it’s possible to look as great as you!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Shar! Unfortunately the dress code at my work is super casual, so even this outfit would’ve gotten me looks and questions from my coworkers that I’d rather avoid, haha. The key to a good blazer is definitely the fit – hope you find one that you love!

  • Tiff

    I love blazers too! They have the ability to make any outfit look sophisticated & business casual. You look fantastic!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Tiff! I just wish I had more blazers in different colors – but finding ones that fit well can be really tough!

  • Cat

    Great outfit! The red really stands out in a nice way against all of the black :) I also love your blazer. I want to get one like that!

    That’s too bad about the heater though. I hope that gets fixed soon! I went to a bridal expo when I was wedding planning too. It was helpful, but you might get a ton of email and mail spam afterwards XD;;

    • Jenny

      Thanks Cat! I definitely got some phone calls after the expo which was annoying, but yay for iphone’s new call blocking feature!

  • Melissa

    I love your outfit, it looks great! I think I’m going to steal that bag from you, haha! ;) By the way, I came accross a blog last week and they mentioned the wedding party app, it’s for android and iphone, maybe you need to take a look :)

    • Jenny

      Thanks Melissa! I don’t think I’ve heard of the wedding party app before, but I’ll definitely check it out. Anything to make the planning process easier!

  • MJ @ One-Parade.com

    Super cute; that little bag makes that outfit! Hope your heater is all fixed up — that sort of bad luck always seems to happen to me when I need heat/cold air the most… haha

    • Jenny

      Thank you MJ! It turns out that the maintenance person shut off our furnace and didn’t turn it back on after the inspection -_- At least there wasn’t anything wrong with our actual furnace!

  • Sahra

    oooh love your bag!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra
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