OOTD: 50 shades of black and white

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Liv

    I think this must be my favorite of all your OOTDs and I love all of them, which is saying something! It must be because this is the kind of look I go for on our business-casual dress code and though we are having a casual summer, I don’t want to go TOO casual. (Such as hoodies, tanks, and jeans like everybody else.) I was very disappointed that you only showed similar tops to that one. =(

    Pencil skirts are definitely not for the weekend and you still look like you’re going somewhere formal! I one time wore something of this style to class and some guy asked me if I had some formal event that day.

  • conniebea

    Love how simple, but sophisticated this look is. The top is definitely my favorite piece out of the entire outfit.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  • Cat

    Love the outfit! The blouse is cute, and I really like the pattern on the skirt :) Getting the blouse for only $10 is an awesome deal. Even if black and white is considered “safe”, I think it can still look great, and like you said, it’s very versatile and flattering too. I have too much black in my wardrobe though and should probably add more colors, haha.

  • Melissa

    Love love love the outfit! I think I’m in love with your skirt, even your blouse is really pretty :)

  • Lucy

    Lovely choices. Black, white and cream are classics. You look really pretty in what you have picked Lucy x

  • Alice B

    black and white is perfect. i don’t care if people criticize black-white combination as “play safe”, i think it’s a classy duo. personally, my wardrobe is 80-90% black and white and a collection of denim skinny jeans and my mother think i need to stop being so dark and “emo” for my choice x___x

    i absolutely love your ootd :) i wouldn’t wear them because they don’t (and won’t) fit me but they look pretty on you~ *o* gotta love your bag too ;)

    i used to like shopping at zara and then they soon become boring for me. their collection doesn’t seem to be interesting anymore. then again my favorite has always been h&m first then forever 21 :P sometimes Mango but i always go for h&m before anything else. (i think it’s also due to age wise, h&m is more… “me”)

    i’m still secretly wondering how people wear pencil skirt :P i don’t think i ever wanna wear one… feels like there’s a restriction for when i move or sit. hence i always go for pleated skirts.

    oh i so agree with you regarding the footwear. i have fetish for shoes – uh, sneakers actually. i like collecting them, especially those canvas ones and have the tendency to keep on buying new ones *o* i think cool kicks boost up a person’s style. pair them sneakers up with skinny pants and blank shirt and i’m good to go ;)

    i don’t have fetish for bags though :)) i think as long as i can fit all my gadgets in my bag then i’m cool.

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