Officially a Mrs.! Wedding recap & tips

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Liv

    First I’m laughing at the last two sentences of this post LOL! Second, CONGRATULATIONS Mrs.Minh! (I think that’s what I saw on Instagram anyway – I suck at reading script. Your husband has the same name as my friend’s dad.)

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful time! Who cares if people think you’re crazy for having a bachelorette party in Vegas? Are they afraid of admit to their crazier bachelorette parties? :P More brides have to be like you – like you said, it’s going to be okay. The one purpose is to get married and that’s always going to be fulfilled.

    Happy married life!

    • Liv

      I forgot to add – Can’t wait to see your wedding photos! Can tell by the iPhone photo you make a beautiful bride!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Liv! :) Haha, I knew these mishaps would make for good stories, wouldn’t have as entertaining(?) of a blog post if it weren’t for them!
      It’s definitely hard to imagine everything will be ok during the planning process, especially if you have a type A personality (like me) -_- Looking back, I really wished I didn’t stress out so much about every little detail, it probably would’ve made my life much easier!

  • Amber

    Congrats on your wedding. Even with all the running aroud and mishaps, it sounds like your day was amazing and perfect. Can’t wait to see the wedding photos, but from the small photos we do see, you look like a beautiful bride on her wedding day. Again, congrats!!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Amber! :) We’re excited to see all our photos as well, and I’ll definitely share them on the blog once I get those!

  • Cat

    You look so beautiful! Congrats on being married! Your bachelorette party in Vegas looks really fun too :) I hope you’ll share photos from your photographer later!

    I know I shouldn’t complain about getting gifts, but it really annoys me when people don’t follow a wedding registry. The couple makes it for a reason, and those are things they actually want! Also, wearing white at someone else’s wedding is definitely tacky!

    I always tell people that it’s ok if not everything goes to plan. The guests won’t know so just go with it and have fun! :)

    • Jenny

      Thank you Cat! :) Our photographer has uploaded a couple photos already (what a tease), but we’d like to wait for the rest before we share them with everyone. We’re very excited for them too!
      I think I’m just going to resell that gift (good thing it seems to resell well on eBay), but it’s still a hassle for me to do so. I guess some people just really need to brush up on their wedding etiquettes!

  • Lucy

    Congratulations you both look so happy, you look beautiful and your husband very dapper. I am glad that your wedding day was brilliant. Vegas looks like great fun for a bachelorette and the week before sounds perfect. I have been engaged nearly four years I need to get a wriggle on. Thanks for the tips I will keep these all in mind Lucy x

    • Jenny

      Thank you Lucy! :) Vegas was definitely a lot of fun and I can’t wait until one of my friends get engaged so we can go back! My husband and I were engaged for almost 2 years before we were married, and we’re glad we took our time a bit. It’s nice to enjoy being engaged before you jump right into the wedding planning process. Best of luck with your when you’re ready! :D

  • Nancy

    Congratulations on the bachelorette party and wedding success! I wish you both a happy marriage! This whole planning process was definitely worth it :).

    It’s unbelievable that the store gave your mom the wrong dress and size! Hopefully it doesn’t look too different from your original one. From the picture, it looks really nice on you! It’s flare-y and everything :D.

    I think there is a need to teach people the etiquette of weddings about what to and not to do.

    Luckily the bellhop stuffed the certificate in someone’s bag instead of not paying attention and leaving it in the limo. *o* I wouldn’t want to be stuck in that situation with having to scrambling around to find the certificate. I’m glad that issue was resolved.

    Have fun!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Nancy! :) Yes I’m still in shock how the store could’ve mixed up the dresses like that, especially a wedding dress (as if brides don’t have enough to worry about already). I’m just very thankful that it’s a similar style to my original dress and that it ended up fitting!

  • Jina

    Congratulations, Jenny! You look stunning in that beautiful white dress. Hope you’re enjoying your first days of marriage! xx

    • Jenny

      Thank you Jina! :)

  • Amanda

    Congrats on your wedding! I’m glad everything went well :) I feel like I always hear about weddings having some sort of mishap. Maybe weddings aren’t exciting without a panic?

    Also, how rude about your friend and the off-white dress! I think it should be blatantly obvious that if you go to a wedding, you are not wearing a color even close to the bride’s.

    The iPhone pictures look great already; looking forward to seeing your professional photos as well! I’ll bet they’re stunning. Congrats, again! And I hope you two will have a wonderful life together! :)

    • Jenny

      Thank you Amanda! :) I think there are just so many details that go into a wedding that unless you have an experienced wedding planner doing it for you, sometime somewhere is bound to go wrong -_- I guess it would’ve been kinda boring if everything went smoothly – I know I definitely wouldn’t have any stories to share if that happened ;)

  • Robin

    Congratulations on your wedding! Glad all went well and none of the snafus were permanent (though they make for great stories to laugh about much later)!

    • Jenny

      Thank you Robin :) I agree, now I can look back and just laugh at all these crazy things that happened during the process!

  • Carol G

    OMG the panic when you’re all excited to put on your dress and the sees the label that it’s in another size.
    Goodness, I’d probably freak out bad!

    You look so cute parading with the bachelorette sash during the day! Did any guys come up to you because of that?

    I’m totally laughing at tip #1

    Congrats again! Can’t wait to see your wedding shots :D

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