NYX goodies – my last shopping haul for now

I’m not kidding. This is probably going to be my last shopping haul in a while. As a matter of fact this will be my last splurge in a while. I really do have more makeup and nail polishes than I need, so I’m trying to review/use those before I buy more. Another reason being, I’m saving up for a… new house :D With all the stolen package problems, loud neighbors, and random car alarms going off at night, this place is just getting too ghetto for me. I’m out! 

Back on topic, I recently ordered a couple NYX products off Cherry Culture:

I have an obsession with nail polishes and makeup :/

In my defense Cherry Culture was having a 20% discount storewide, so how could I pass up these darling polishes at $3.50 a pop?

From left: NPS205 Manhattan, NPS143 Femme, NPS191 Soft Teal, NPS 186 Be Jeweled

Right off the bat the packaging and shape reminded me of the Deborah Lippman nail polishes, with a slightly longer and non-rubberized cap.

From left: NPS209 Ice Glitter, NPS157 Peach Fuzz, NPS173 Angelica, NPS156 Forever Young

There were 140+ shades to choose from, so it was very hard for me to limit my selection to just 8. I know I have to many pinks and neutral shades, but I couldn’t help getting more. Here’s a Peach Fuzz on my nails:

Ignore my awful nail beds, nail shape, and Cooper’s fluff between my fingers :(

It doesn’t show up clearly in the photos, but there’s a hint of shimmer, which I love. The color reminds me a bit of OPI Italian Love Affair, except less bright and more flattering for my skin tone. It took 2 coats to get full coverage and it wasn’t streaky at all :D

From left: Pinky and Angel

Wanting to get something different than my usual peachy pink blush, I decided to pick up Pinky – a medium hot pink, and Angel – a light peachy gold. I’m totally loving Pinky because it’s actually a very wearable and flattering color, though I have to apply very lightly or risk looking like a clown D: Angel is actually great as a highlighter, and I’ve found using it over Pinky creates a very soft flush of color.

Angel and Pinky. Obviously Pinky will look ridiculous if you applied this much.

That’s it for this haul! From now on my posts will consist of mostly reviews and tutorials – speaking of which, a hair tutorial will be coming soon! :D Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful week!


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