New year, new hopes, new dreams

Hi everyone! I was hoping to start the new year off with a new look for the blog, but I spent my entire winter break in Taiwan visiting my parents, and naturally with all the eating and shopping, there was little time left to do anything else :/ But I do have a lot planned for this blog this coming year (with one of them being more consistent posting), and if any of you have ideas of what you’d like to see more (or less) of on this blog, feel free to let me know as well.

As the first post of 2012, I naturally have to do a year in review of 2011. I think the word eventful does a pretty good job of summing up the year, and here are a few of the things that’s happened in 2011:

  • My parents moved back to Taiwan and I’m now living on my own. Well, not really. I have my 2 cats and my boyfriend.
  • I got surgery to remove part of my thyroid, and less than 2 weeks later, I got into a car accident.
  • I started graduate school, which was a bit of an adjustment from college
  • My boyfriend got me a Shelly, my first cat
  • In November, we adopted another cat, who was naturally named Cooper. Bazinga!
  • In December, Cooper suddenly went blind. He also had a heck lot of other issues throughout: infected eye, extreme shyness characterized by hiding under couches 24/7, diarrhea, and irking Shelly. Vets couldn’t figure out why but said he’s not gonna get his sight back :(

I know that just from reading that list you’d think that 2011 was a pretty poopy year for me. Honestly I thought so at first but many times the difficulties we face in life turn out to be blessings in disguise. Don’t believe me?

Cooper and Shelly, now living in peace. Oh and they both have 20/20 vision :)

Sometime during my time in Taiwan, my boyfriend told me that Cooper has somehow regained his eyesight. He called it a Christmas miracle, and I couldn’t have agreed more. Living this away from my parents for the first time was tough, but it has taught me to be more independent. This, coupled with taking care of my cats, also taught me to appreciate my parents’ love and hard work so much more. It’s not easy taking care of another living being!

As for 2012, I don’t know what God has in store for me. I know it will be another eventful year, with my graduation and entering the workforce and all, but I also know that it will be another year filled with His blessings :) So here’s a happy belated new year + lunar new year to everyone! May 2012 kick ass for us all!


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