My travel + carry on essentials

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Uglyfish

    I’ve just booked a trip to Barcelona, so this is a very useful post! The portable charger looks amazing, and super useful! I’ve never thought of bring fuzzy socks, I’ll definitely be indulging in a pair next flight.

    • Jenny

      Glad you found the post helpful! One more great thing about fuzzy socks – you have an extra pair just in case you run out of regular socks! ;)

  • Sophie

    Love your bag. I really need a portable charger, my phone always dies when I’m stranded or lost haha

    • Jenny

      Thank you Sophie! The portable charger is great – I can’t believe I’ve been without one for so long!

  • Cat

    Portable chargers are so handy! We have one with two USB ports, and it’s great because both my husband and I can be charging at the same time. Was a life saver when we were in Japan!

    I don’t pack cleansing wipes, but I think those are a good idea. I should grab a small pack next time I travel :) I also like to pack my iPad mini because it doesn’t take up much space, and I can watch movies or read with it.

    I often bring my DSLR on trips, even though I also have a high end compact. I typically bring 3 lenses with me (prime, zoom, and wide angle). It’s kind of a hassle, but the photos are worth it!

    • Jenny

      Oh I didn’t know they had chargers with 2 ports, I just figured my husband and I could share :P I would bring my iPad, except it’s actually quite heavy, and I’m so used to browsing on my phone anyways.
      You take some great photos Cat, so I can see why you bring your DSLR :) I’m actually pretty lazy when it comes to taking pictures, so I’m hoping the Sony camera will change that!

  • lucy

    Great suggestions my skin always gets so dry so the face mist sounds perfect. I always pack comfortable socks and an additional cardigan too Lucy x

    • Jenny

      I pack a cardigan as well, but usually I just wear it to save space in my bag! ;)

  • Keliee

    So glad I found this blog Jenny! Loved this post. Just curious, where did you buy your camera and what type of lens do you use?

    • Jenny

      Thank you for the comment Keliee, so glad to hear you liked the post! :D I bought my camera from B&H and I just use the default zoom lens that came with the camera. I’ll be doing a post about the camera on my blog soon if you’re interested, so stay tuned!

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