Mini Sephora makeup haul

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Sophie

    Wow everything sounds amazing! Really want to try out some Laura Mercia products as I’ve heard good things about them. Great haul!

    • Jenny

      Hi Sophie, I definitely recommend Laura Mercier’s primer, they have several different kinds to choose from!

  • rkgummer

    Those NARS lip pencils look cool! I want them :)

    • Jenny

      Thanks! They’re quite convenient to use!

  • Uglyfish

    I’m always so very envious of people who get to go to Sephora! One day I’ll go back to America and visit there!
    I’m a huge fan of any smashbox product, though they’re a little out of my price range. Once I’ve finished with my current Lancome liner (which was a free sample, because they’re also a bit out of my price range!) I might try it, especially with the useful sharpener! Very efficient.

    • Jenny

      Haha, Sephora is great, but your wallet will take a hit every time you go! If you can try to haul items when the stores are having sales, that’s what I do with Sephora (though sometimes I can’t resist)!

  • Lucy

    The Laura Mercier primer sounds lovely, but then again post of her products are. Nars I always love the colours but agree they dry my lips out. Lucy x

    • Jenny

      This was my first Laura Mercier product, and now I’m excited to try out her other products!

  • Alice B

    ugh i’m really jealous of people who have sephora in where they live. i had to ask my cousin who went to s’pore just to get the urban decay naked palette :\ it’s the only sephora thing i own and that sucks. i really want to try smashbox products; i heard their foundation and primer are very good so i’m really curious about it. didn’t know smashbox’s eyeliner receives positive reputation, to be honest. i’m currently curious about bobbi brown’s and maybe i should…uh….get one….errr…. like you, every time i see some brands, i tell myself not to buy more than what i already own but yeah, that never succeed, especially whenever i walk pass revlon. i’m so addicted to their lip products.

    and wow, a primer that can excels urban decay’s! i always see bloggers rave about UD’s potion primer so it’s surprising to see smashbox beating it. this makes me even more curious about smashbox *o* how would you say it works for oily / sensitive skin? does the primer cover pretty well? i find it hard to find primer for my face since my T-zone gets oily easily :( i’m currently using either maybelline’s instant pink transformer or revlon’s photoready primer…

    • Jenny

      That sucks you don’t have a Sephora near you :( I know sometimes you can get similar products at the beauty counter in department stores, maybe try that?
      I’ve tried both UD’s primer potion and I think the Smashbox one is very similar. I don’t know about it being better, but it does work really well. My lids are somewhat oily and the primer does a good job of controlling the oil and making sure my eye makeup stays put. The Laura Mercier primer does a good job of covering my pores and creating an even + hydrated canvas for makeup. They also have an oil free primer which may be better for oilier skin.

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