Is it worth it? Skincare edition part 2

This is a continuation of the Is it worth it? Skincare edition part 1 in which I share my opinions on which skincare products I think are worth splurging on and which aren’t. This time I’ll talk about toners, serums, moisturizers, and treatmentsA review of the scale I’ll be using:

  • [rating=5] – totally splurge-worthy, you get what you pay for
  • [rating=4] – if you can afford it, you should go with an upscale brand
  • [rating=3] – splurge-neutral, it’s your call
  • [rating=2] – go with the cheaper brand, or buy the upscale brand when on sale
  • [rating=1] – totally splurge-unworthy, there’s no reason to pay more

Toners [rating=3]

Do you use toners?

This one is tricky because I know some of you don’t even use toners. There have been discussions on if toners are even necessary as part of one’s skincare routine, and the arguments are strong on both sides. I personally do use toners, and I tend to favor higher end brands for their better ingredients. But from an objective POV, whether to splurge on, or even buy, toners is really up to you.

Serums [rating=5]

One of the few things you should splurge on

If there’s any skincare product you should really splurge on, it’s your serum. A serum can be compared to vitamin pills – it offers a strong concentration of necessary nutrients for your skin in a small dosage. Obviously ingredients and technology plays a key role here, hence why serums are totally splurge-worthy. Not to mention the fact that the selection of drugstore serums are limited, but even then you’re still paying $25+. If you’re going to pay that much for a drugstore product, you may as well save up and spend a bit more for something better.

Moisturizers – night [rating=4]

Consider splurging on your night creams

I want to split up moisturizers into day creams and night creams, since I find they have different splurge-worthiness levels. You should definitely consider splurging on night creams if you can, and the reason is similar to that of splurging on serums. While you’re sleeping, your skin is busy regenerating and soaking in the nutrients you’ve applied on your face the night before. I definitely noticed better results when I use more expensive night creams versus cheaper ones, which isn’t to say drugstore brands are bad, it’s just that upscale brands tend to be better.

Moisturizers – day [rating=2]

Unlike night creams, you can get away with drugstore brand day creams

For me, day creams serve 3 purposes: moisturize, oil control, and sun protection. They’re not so much about fixing my other skin problems, or else they can get too rich, which conflicts with the oil control aspect. It’s not difficult to find a product that serves these 3 purposes well in the drugstore, which is why I’d rather save money here so I can splurge on other products.

Treatments [rating=3]

Eye creams, acne treatments, dark spot correctors, etc

This includes a variety of products that don’t fall under the other categories, and typically treat a specific skin problem. Due to the variance in product nature, it’s hard to say just how splurge-worthy treatments are in general. However, here’s a more in depth breakdown:

  • eye creams: [rating=4]
  • acne treatment: [rating=1]
  • dark spot correctors: [rating=3]

You can find both high-end and low-end eye creams and acne treatments, but dark spot correctors are rare in drugstore, yet the high-end ones are often hit-or-misses.

This concludes the skincare edition of the series. I hope these reviews were able to help you in shopping for skincare products :) Remember, these reviews were shaped largely by my personal experiences, so they might not necessarily be true for everyone. Coming up next in this series will be the makeup edition. Stay tuned, and don’t forget to enter my skincare/makeup giveaway!


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