An intro to skincare actives + my current products

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Alice B

    it’s funny though. i used to think that i’m allergic to salicylic acid. when i first tried h2O+ anti-acne clarifying face wash, i didn’t know what salicylic acid was. all i knew was that the cleanser is meant to address blemish control and correction so i thought, why not. turns out that my skin got all flaky and super dry and tight. it was horrifying. i thought i was allergic to salicylic acid UNTIL i bought hadalabo’s mild peeling face wash as my exfoliator. that thing contains AHA and BHA but it doesn’t dry out my skin! wow, i’m confused :))

    these looks like they’re going to require a high budget ^^;; for a college student like me, i’d opt for cheaper options…like drugstores. if only the cure aqua gel is available here :( purchasing online sucks because it’s so darn expensive! crazy, ugh. i would love to see more drugstore recommendations on your blog, hehe #justsaying

    • Jenny

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the pH level of the h2O+ face wash was off the chart – that’s usually the culprit for dry tight skin after washing.

      When it comes to AHA/BHA, some affordable and really good options are from Cosrx. I recently tried their AHA and BHA and they’re fantastic, and under $20 for a pretty big bottle! The Pixi Glow Tonic is also somewhat of a drugstore brand, but I’m not aware of any other drugstore brands that have actives.

  • kelly

    I use the Sanitas Skincare Glycotoner 10% for my exfoliation. It’s in a toner format and comes in a strength range of 5%, 10%, or 15%. Your choice in what you need.

    GloTherapeutics 7% Glycolic Resurfacing Toner is also pretty good and you get 6.7 fl. oz. of it.

    You can get both at if you are in the USA.

    That’s what I would recommend.

    • Jenny

      Thanks for the product recommendation Kelly! The ingredients look promising and the price is reasonable as well! :D

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