I’m obsessed with sticky notes

Author: Jenny Wu
Hi there!

  • Lucy

    Wow that is quite the collection you possible might be more obsessed with stationary than me. Great choices Lucy x

  • Samara Beauty

    I am so glad I am not the only one who loves the old school sticky notes, lists just aren’t as fun on the phone.

  • Christine

    I love your collection of sticky notes! I have a similar collection and love for them myself. They just make daily to-do’s look so much more fun, haha. I’m currently loving my teacher quote sticky notes and my Shakespeare notes. Also, your handwriting is gorgeous!

  • Cat

    You have so many cute sticky notes! I’m a big fan of sticky notes too, and I like having cute ones at work. People always know when it’s mine, haha. I find that a lot of cute ones I have aren’t that sticky either, which is kind of annoying because I actually like to stick reminders on my monitor!

  • Sue

    Sticky notes are great. You have so many you could probably cover your home in them XD. They’re so cute!

  • Thuy Vu

    Absolutely love sticky notes. My Rikki is the best instagram seller of these!

    Thuy xx

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